If you’re in business, there are trends impacting you without you knowing so. That is, unless you keep up on trends.


In today’s Vegan Visibility podcast episode, I share the top three trends for vegan businesses in 2022.

Lots has changed in the past two years, and yet, some things have remained the same.

Trend 1: Hybrid Events

One of the greatest impacts to business, due to the pandemic, are hybrid events. With all the shutdowns, at one point, almost every in person event was postponed or cancelled.

The greatest frustration to event coordinators, conference planners and attendees, was not knowing when things would get back to normal. It became apparent that things will never go back to how they were… we are in a new normal.

The new normal are Hybrid Events. Simply put, this is a combination of in-person and virtual.

If you have not yet jumped into using platforms like Zoom, StreamYard and other virtual platforms, now is the perfect time to do so. If you keep putting it off, you will soon find yourself struggling to keep up.

Trend 2: Integrated Content Creation

He, or she, who creates the most relevant and timely content, wins. It’s really that simple. We are in the information age, and to not create content on a regular basis is another aspect of the “left behind” syndrome.

It’s not just more, it’s about relevance and timeliness.

Whether it’s writing book(s), hosting a podcast show, appearing on podcasts, social media or article marketing, content creation is highly valuable to your expert status, influence, and market position.

One way to stay on top of content creation is to make sure you have a great handle on what your market is interested in. Next, create a content calendar in order to carve out time to keep the ball rolling.

Trend 3: Cause Marketing

Cause marketing involves a collaboration between a for-profit business and a nonprofit organization for a common benefit. Cause marketing can also refer to social or charitable campaigns put on by for-profit brands.

During times when there is a lot of mistrust of how corporations and government are responding to many social situations, transparency is highly regarded by consumers.

They expect brands to be socially responsible and many people create loyalty to such brands. According to one study, 70% of consumers want to know how brands are addressing social and environmental issues.

However, companies that simply jump on the cause marketing bandwagon as the latest “catch phrase” trend, will be dropped like a hot potato if they are not sincere in their commitment to the cause.

There are obviously more trends, but these three are definitely at the top.

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