Jason Fladlien is probably one of the more familiar names in internet marketing today, with good reason. He is known for a wide range of products, ranging from information products like his 7 Minute Articles, to software products like S3Flowshield and WP Twin, developed with his partner Wilson Mattos, and even the Rapid Crush Software Club and his training and coaching program 6 in 6 Coaching.

While many people may attribute Jason Fladlien’s success as pure genius, there is more to it than intelligence, and definitely more to it than luck. Coming from humble beginnings as a house painter, DJ and monk, Jason proves that when you put your mind to something and are willing to work for it, anything is possible.

It’s practically become a catchword in business, but excellence is still one of the markers of success. One of the things that Jason Fladlien emphasizes is excellence. He makes an effort to make sure that he really has something important to share, that is well thought of and well researched.

One saying in business is that in order to have a business, you have to be able to serve a client’s need. This same principle applies to Internet Marketing and Jason Fladlien has practically mastered serving the needs of his target market.

Top 3 Tips

  1. Figure out who you are going to serve
  2. Deliver what they want in a way no one else can
  3. Scale the “thing”

Favorite book

No B.S. Wealth Attraction In The New Economy
The No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs by Dan Kennedy

Favorite Quote

It’s easier to make decisions right than to make the right decision.

Favorite charity

From the beginning Jason has contribute at least 10% of earnings to charity but prefers to keep the name of the charities unknown.