A dedicated plant-based eater and lifestylist, Madeleine Eno has successfully carved out a niche in the editing and authorship space. Dedicated to working with experts who have a life-changing message through their writing, Madeleine goes deep into her passion for what it means to be a plant-based lifestylist.

It was during a meditation many years ago that Madeleine literally heard a voice say, “You’re done with meat.”

She had promised herself that if she ever received that kind of inspiration, she would honor the message. From that point forward, she has not eating any animal or dairy products.

Madeleine is an in-demand book writing strategist working with conscious entrepreneurs who are committed to sharing their message through books.

Everybody’s story is really linked to dealing with the world that’s changing fast and uncertain and unpredictable. “All we have is ourselves and our own growth and our own clarity that we can kind of control. There’s a definite connection to all things and eating plant based allows for that connection.”

She teaches her clients that the process of writing has to come from within. When we tap into that inner wisdom, it impacts all we do. Working with authors, Madeleine guides her clients to higher awareness through retreats, book mapping and consulting.

To learn more about Madeleine and her services, visit www.inthewriteplace.com