After Alexi Bracey conquered cancer, she changed her chef’s hat to one of plant-based nutrition. She spent the last 20 years learning what pieces of the puzzle are needed to achieve and maintain excellent health – nutritionally, emotionally and environmentally.

Alexi experienced a life-changing moment on a recent visit to a nursing home. In the one dining room, the residents were animated, having a lively conversation, sharing their excitement of an upcoming trip.

Down the hall, in the other dining room was total silence. Most of the residents were slumped over in their chair, no conversation, no eye contact, a number of them had to be fed or were eating without utensils. Many of them were younger than Alexi.

They were suffering from various forms of dementia. It broke her heart, so much that she decided to shift her focus to helping mature people live long and die young with her vast knowledge and experience in reaching optimal health.