Daniel HallDaniel Hall is a bestselling author, speaker, publisher, nurse, attorney and sometimes blogger. He is also the creator of the highly popular “Real Fast” brand of training products. He left law practice 8 years ago to build his publishing business and has never looked back. Daniel is a true serial entrepreneur and his list of URLs is longer than a piece of paper, so you can check out Daniel’s hub at www.DanielHallPresents.com.

Daniel’s first product was the super-successful and very popular Speak on Cruise Ships program which is designed to help speakers trade their public speaking talents on luxury cruise ships worldwide. Now Daniel conducts special “self-selecting” auditions to help speakers determine whether the cruise speaker opportunity is right for them or not. Check available audition times here www.SpeakersCruiseFree.com

Top 3 Tips

  1. Sell what people want to buy. Build their trust… then sell them what they need.
  2. Build your list. Start yesterday to build a list.
  3. Always add value to the lives of the people on your list.

Favorite book

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini


Favorite Quote

“The more you publish the more you profit and the more you help the people you were put on this planet to assist.”

Favorite Charity

Amnesty International

Food Banks

Contact Info:





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