Roshni Sanghvi is India’s leading plant- based sports nutritionist and transformation specialist. Her holistic approach to health includes sustainable long- term lifestyle changes instead of temporary fad diets to lose weight.



Her fitness success story is a journey of an unlikely transformation. Fitness did not come to naturally to Roshni. In spite of the fact that her family is in the fitness industry, she had no intention to understand the fitness business. Being fit and maintaining fitness was the last agenda of her life.

Her attitude and life changed when she was called back to India from New York to take care of her father. Starting a journey that included fitness certification, losing excess weight, and fully understanding the connection of the foods we consume to our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, Roshni has worked with thousands of people around the globe on their fitness journey.

“Like many people, I have also succumbed to crash-dieting and over-training. I have done unhealthy things like regularly going to sleep hungry and then binging every weekend. Being fit is a process.”



Prior to the pandemic, Roshni didn’t give much thought to working remotely with her clients. All that changed with travel was restricted and social distancing mandates were put in place.

Now eager to reach clients around the globe, Roshni is fully committed to doing all she can to help as many people as possible get as healthy as possible. The kind of health that gives one a quality of life most only dream of.

Committed to working with those who are ready to jumpstart their health. Roshni will never recommend foods that are animal based.

“Why would I recommend something I don’t dare put in my own body? Something that is so unhealthy? I don’t and I won’t,” she stands firm.

Roshni has extraordinarily strong opinions about why a plant based diet is the healthiest diet. It has been proven that there is more domestic violence among those who work in factory farms where death, violence, fear and anguish are ever present.

Feeling it is a parent’s moral responsibility to be a role model for their children, she urges parents to consider eating in a way that fully supports health.

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