Ryan Lum is an American YouTuber, vegan lifestylist and advocate for a more compassionate way of living through what we eat.



As a 100% plant-based/vegan, Ryan and his wife, Anji Bee are best known for their work with Happy Healthy Vegan.

Although vegetarian for many years, it was in 2010 when Ryan committed fully to the vegan lifestyle.

“When I realized that animals don’t need to die in order for us to eat, I committed completely.”

Ryan believes that we must each be personally accountable to the environment. By simply choosing to be vegan, we are doing one of the most loving actions for the planet.

With all he does through his activism and videos, Ryan draws on life experiences to reach is market. He has a degree in philosophy and a light science background along with a critical thinking background.

Ryan is best known for debunking false information about veganism. Trying his hand at politics, Ryan ran for the Long Beach City council on the progressive ticket. His goal was to raise awareness around issues that impact all of us including homelessness, compassion to animals and a more conscious lifestyle.

Ryan spent the past 15 years riding waves of internet technologies, from website development during the early dotcom era to podcasting to search engine optimization. Since 2010, he has been producing online video content, reaching tens of millions of viewers as well as making over a million dollars in the process for individuals and groups.

In addition to their YouTube Channel, Happy Healthy Vegan, Ryan and Anji have made television appearances on “The Doctors” TV show as well as the BBC.

Their first book, “Keep it Carbed Baby” features many of Anji’s meal recipes that they’ve featured in various episodes as well as on Instagram.

Anji’s second book, Happy, Healthy Vegan Cookbook is due out soon on Amazon.com