Jeet BanerjeeBorn in Southern California, Jeet Banerjee appeared to be a pretty normal kid other than the fact he had is first spark of wanting to be an entrepreneur at the age of 9. Fascinated with the online world and he decided to create his first website called PowerDunk. At the age of 11, he lost all interest business and his spark of entrepreneurship would take a momentary pause during this time. While in high school his parents had some clear cut plans for him. In order to have fun he had to raise his own money. After a lot of moaning and groaning he reluctantly took a job at his father’s company.

At a young age he learned to handle the finances, billing, invoicing, and collection of payments for the whole company while also managing projects and providing clients with technical support. This job, taught Jeet a lot, most of all how much he hated working under someone else.

He went from being a self described lazy teenager to quickly becoming a dedicated entrepreneur. He started his company JB Media Force. Since then he has launched several ventures as well as authoring the book Limitless Thinking A Successful Entrepreneur With No Degree, Experience or Money

Top 3 Tips

  1. Survey your market to know their needs
  2. Test everything you do
  3. Put yourself in a position to win

Favorite book

Millionaire Fast Lane by MJ Demarco

Favorite Quote

Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi

Favorite Charity


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