1%. This is just about the percentage of people who buy information products, attend seminars, listen to CDs to learn something who will actually do anything with the material.
I am in the 1%. Why? Because I have a philosophy that has served me well. Whenever I invest in something I will immediately figure out a way to recoup my investment. This simply means I am going to study the information and implement the information.
Will I implement everything all at once? No. But I will do something to gain value from what I purchase and the time invested.
90% of the time I recoup my investment back within a very short period of time. Whether it’s a $10 investment or $10,000, I will do what needs to be done to gain an incredible return.
A real mind blower
It never ceases to amaze me when I realize that I am among the 1% who does this. But then, when I look at the results I am getting compared to most others, it’s not surprising.
I’m not writing this to brag, put anyone down or judge. I’m simply stating facts.
Over the last few days I have been attending a conference hosted by Brendon Burchard. On day one I met a woman who has been to lots of conferences and purchased countless information products.
“It’s so embarrassing. I buy all these things and go to all these conferences but don’t do anything much with the information,” she confided.
“Here’s my recommendation. QUIT BUYING! Don’t buy anything more until you go through the other stuff you got and put it to good use,” I replied.
She got no sympathy from me. Sympathy is not what she needed. A nudge in the right direction was.
Others in the 1%
Last evening I had the opportunity to have dinner with two women I met at the conference. Susan and Julie are among the 1% who are out there learning and implementing.
Both are involved in businesses that have grown via online marketing strategies. Each is extremely successful in their ventures and it’s evident they love what they do.
Over Sushi we talked about how confusing it is to see so many people get information products, invest in training programs, hire mentors, go to conferences, spend a lot of money and do nothing with what they learn.
It’s as if they are looking for that one thing that will be the end all be all. Newsflash! There is no such “thing”.
The fact is you don’t get success by reading one eBook, attending one teleseminar, going to one conference or listening to one CD.
You become successful by good old hard work. Oh no! I said the nasty words that so many people don’t want to hear. Hard work!
Granted, there is more to it than simply work, but unfortunately so many people believe they are somehow going to enjoy a level of success they dream of, but put very little effort into it.
You better pull out your wallet
Then there are those who think they shouldn’t have to invest financially into growing a business. They try to get everything for nothing, complain when they do have to pay, and expect an expert to respond to their email inquiries disguised as requests for free consulting.
These are often the same people complaining about how tough times are and how they can’t grow their business.
Stop! Look at what the truth is here. First, you can’t simply buy a program and expect to achieve success through osmosis. It doesn’t happen that way at all. Anyone who thinks it does needs to shift their perspective.
Secondly, if someone isn’t willing to pay for expert knowledge why would they expect others to pay for their knowledge? It’s an energetic thing; that which we put out we get. Simple as that.
Quit struggling
If you are struggling to get your business off the ground by means of the Internet here are some recommendations.
If you have purchased bunches of information but done very little with the information, commit to studying the material and implementing ideas before buying anything else. You might think it odd that someone who makes my living from selling information would recommend this.
The reason I do is because I know if you buy my information and are in the habit of doing nothing with every other item you got, mine will be a dust collector just like every other product you have purchased.
I also know that when you discipline yourself into applying what you already have invested in when you do get my information you are in a better position to reap the benefits.
Next, if you are one who is always looking for something for nothing, stop that! Be willing to invest in yourself. Feel good about investing. And apply the information you invest in so you can get a return on investment.
Most importantly, realize that success does take time, money and equally as important, effort.
Are you among the 99% or the 1%? Contrary to what many believe the answer does not reside in the economy, what others are experiencing or what the media claims to be true. The answer resides in your day by day choices, your predominant thoughts, and the actions you choose to take on a daily basis.
What is your experience? Comments welcome. Please forward this to others.