It’s no secret that in order to grow your business,
you have to take thoughtful, consistent action. Business success doesn’t happen
overnight and there are many, many roads to get there. Here are 10 business
building tips from four of my super successful colleagues (including two from
me).  You can get a lot more in a brand
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Create a Strategy and Process for everything you do
in your business.

Random actions get random results. Whether you’re
doing some marketing, offering a teleclass, or doing a live presentation,
networking, or launching a new product you need to map out a strategy that will
take you step by step to the result you want. Once you’ve nailed down your
process or strategy you can use it again and again to get similar results.
Taking a “shot in the dark” approach where you try an approach hoping
it will work without thinking it through from beginning to end result is like
playing darts while wearing a blindfold. Creating process maps as a visual
really helps with this process. Janis
, Small Business Strategy and
Lifestyle Coach

Be willing to invest in your education. However, as you learn new information, apply it. It
never ceases to amaze me how many people will either not invest anything in
their knowledge base or buy so much, without applying anything. Education
application is a discipline. Kathleen Gage, The Street Smarts Marketer™


Own Your Marketing DNA.  So many
people try to copy others when all they have to do is be true to themselves.
Besides, you can’t be anyone else no matter how hard you try. Develop your own
style, your own unique brand. If you like to write, then do blogging and
article marketing, if you have a great voice but are afraid of the camera, then
audio can be your thing, or if you can’t wait for your close-up, then step in
front of the camera and let your personality shine. The key is great content,
delivered consistently and in your own voice. Go for it! Ellen Britt, Co-Founder of Marketing Qi


Daily action is required. A great many resistant entrepreneurs fail to take
daily action to build their online presence even though they have seen great
results when they do focus on building an online presence. I’m not referring to
having a website, blog or eBay store. I’m talking about marketing so that
people know your sites or online store exists. Kathleen Gage


Do your keyword research!  Go to Google’s Keyword Tool and type in your primary keyword phrase.  Make
sure people are searching for what you’re trying to advertise. Marnie
, Creator of


Use a blog as your primary social marketing hub and
home base, so you can attract more search engine traffic with consistent,
keyword rich content.
Your business blog is
where you create your point of distinction in the marketplace and demonstrate
your expertise to build credibility and trust. Then, to boost your visibility
on the Web, syndicate your blog content to strategic social networking sites so
you can attract new prospects and bring them back to your home base with
opportunities for conversion. Denise Wakeman, Founder of The Blog Squad and Online Marketing Advisor


Always have a Call to Action. Never
do advertising or marketing that doesn’t include a call to action. Whether
you’re placing an ad or sending people to a webpage, always explain clearly what
you want them to do to engage with you further. If you’re using direct mail,
phone calls, speaking or networking to grow your business, always provide a
clear action step you want people to take. Go back over all of your marketing
materials, including things like your business card and e-mail signature and
see how you can add a call-to-action. You’ll be amazed at how much better your
results will be! Janis Pettit

Become An Online Real
Estate Investor
. No, not that kind! I’m talking about the unused “real
estate” on your website. One of the most valuable pieces of online
property you already possess is your Thank You page. Instead of letting it go
to waste with a generic “thank you for signing up for my newsletter”
message, give your subscribers a great offer on one of your products or
services simply for being a new subscriber. They will appreciate it and you can
quickly separate your buyers from the tire kickers! Ellen Britt

When using articles as a marketing tool,
put your main keyword phrase in your article title, the article summary and the
first 140 characters of the article. Marnie

Use video to drive
traffic and boost your online visibility.
It’s a powerful tool for
increasing trust and credibility because it creates a deeper connection with
the viewer. They spend more time on your site and ultimately have a deeper
level of engagement with you. Denise

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