Many people believe that by the time they become seniors, they are destined to deal with aches and pains, inflammation, disease, and days filled with taking various types of medication.

Yet, there are those who have made it their life’s work to prove otherwise.

In today’s episode, Angela Fischetti, a whole foods plant exclusive/vegan physical fitness and yoga instructor and massage therapist, specializing in wellness for older adults, shares how virtually anyone who identifies as a “senior” can live a vibrant, health, whole life.

As a senior myself (just shy of turning 69), I found our conversation extremely enlightening, engaging and one I highly recommend others watch and listen to.

Angela began teaching seniors in her thirties, at a time when she embarked on her own tough healing journey. Three decades later, a senior herself, Angela combines years of experience and research with a unique combination of empathy and encouragement for older adults seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Episode Highlights

[01:30] Angela’s motivation to become vegan

[04:30] Pleasure trap foods…. Cheese is at the top

[08:00] Releasing a boatload of medication through a special program

[13:30] How Boomer and Beyond came to be

[19:00] A commitment to do no harm sets the tone

[24:20] A junk food vegan is an unhealthy vegan

[30:00] Don’t tell me I can’t do something… I will prove you wrong

[32:25] A 10-day water fast with Dr. Frank Sabatino worked miracles

[37:22] “I’m in the bean aisle. Help!” 

More about Angela Fischetti

Angela Fischetti loves to dig deep into how she can help her clients. She researches latest finds in senior personal fitness and consults with each client’s medical practitioners for tailored workouts.

As a massage therapist, Angela also works with geriatric patients with memory and other delicate disorders who benefit from gentle touch and movement in palliative care. Clients enjoy working with Ms. Fischetti for many reasons, including her attention to detail, but also, her sense of humor.

Based in Miami Beach, Angela has served South Florida clients for over 20 years. Brooklyn-born with a background in Shakespearean theater and a life-long passion for song, Ms. Fischetti is also a devoted companion to felines.

Angela is available for virtual sessions in Senior Fitness as a personal fitness trainer, Hatha Yoga instructor, chair exercise and chair yoga instructor. On the opposite end of the spectrum Angela is also available as a virtual prenatal yoga instructor. As a licensed massage therapist, Angela works on-site in Miami Beach. Her specialty is Geriatric Massage including Palliative Care Massage. She also offers Swedish Massage and deep tissue.