As a certified vegan nutritionist, fitness trainer, yoga instructor and reiki master, Jessica Karwat has helped over 200 women transform their health and lives.

She has mastered the exact tools and techniques to help women get fit, thrive and learn how their beautiful bodies work by syncing their menstrual cycle, heal their relationship with food and reclaim their confidence.

Before she started her career as an online coach, Jessica had her own struggle for years. She dealt with hormonal acne that covered her face, neck and back. In addition she had gut and digestive issues and struggled with a severe eating disorder.

Searching for a solution, Jessica because a certified vegan nutritionist and fitness trainer and entered the world of fitness. She quickly realized that this world burnt her out and her hormonal imbalances got worse, thereby triggering her eating disorder.

She realized that she was working against her body. This was the catalyst for her to work with her body with a focus on healing from the inside out.

In this episode, we explore how women can tune into their cycle and go deep into their own healing.

Episode Highlights

[01:30]             The start of Jessica’s Vegan journey

[04:00]             It started with the animals and also became about health

[08:00]             What does loving animals really mean?

[10:30]             Issues with endometriosis and other female concerns

[17:30]             Steps to begin the transformation

[22:00]             What about menopause and perimenopause?

[24:30]             What’s the truth about infertility?


More about Jessica Karwat

Jessica Karwat is the founder of the Women’s Academy of Transformation. She loves helping women transform not only their bodies, but their relationship to food, their self-image and their health.

Having struggled for years, Jessica discovered that the real transformation occurs when you have the right support and guidance.

She is clear that her life’s work is helping women around the globe thrive through proper information, education and food choices while healing old wounds of trauma.

The Women’s Academy of Transformation gives women their power, to create the life they desire, by healing themselves inside and out and transforming their lives once and for all.