We’ve all heard that as we age, we decline. Yet, there are men and women around the globe putting that rumor to rest. One such person is Jane Thurnell-Read.

Jane is a plant-based/vegan lifestylist who is out to inspire anyone (but mostly those over the age of 70) who want to live a healthier, more vibrant life.

At the age of 75, Jane will be the first to say she is just getting started. What began as an encouragement from a friend to go to the gym, has now become a light of inspiration to anyone fortunate enough to meet Jane.

Working out, in the gym, three days a week for at least 45 minutes, riding her bicycle 30 – 40 miles a week and eating a whole food, plant-based diet, Jane has insights that will inspire and motivate you to move, eat healthy and love life like you never imagined possible.

During this episode, Jane shares what keeps her inspired to be an inspiration to other women and men who want to live healthy into their 70’s and beyond.

Episode Highlights

[02:30] Where Jane’s vegan journey began

[05:30] A junk food vegan is still eating junk food

[08:30] The energy of pain and suffering in our food and in our bodies

[12:45] A few weight loss hacks

[18:15] The start of resistance training for Jane’s health

[23:00] Beyond the weight training is balance

[27:00] Reduce risk by 25% by walking 3,800 steps a day

[30:00] Adding tasty foods rather than taking away is key for success

[33:00] The 5% diet

[36:00] Options when you’re not a “normie”


About Jane Thurnell-Read

Jane Thurnell-Read is in her seventies she’s a Plant-Based vegan. She’s keen on going to the gym and lifting heavy weights. Her healthy and exuberant lifestyle means most people think she is in her early sixties. Jane is also a health blogger and an indie author. Last year she published two books: “Weight Loss Hacks: What The Evidence Says” and “Menopause Weight Loss: Live Well, Sleep Well, Stop Hot Flashes & Lose Weight”.



190 Weight Loss Hacks: How to lose weight naturally and permanently without stress

Menopause Weight Loss: Live Well, Sleep Well, Stop Hot Flashes And Lose Weight

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