How does one go from being a “rare steak” lover to a bona-fide Vegan whose entire family is now vegan?

With a father who was a dairy farmer, pigs that were considered meals, and all that comes with growing up feeling that animals were nothing more than a working part of the farm, today’s featured expert now teaches others how to literally get into the Zen of the plant-based lifestyle and Flow in the Kitchen.

Brigitte Gemme used to love rare steak and blue cheese but started cooking plant-based in 2013 for environmental reasons and went vegan for the animals in 2015.

Today, she improves people’s vitality by empowering them to cook really good food.

In today’s episode we dig deep into what the turning point for Brigitte was, how she dealt with a spouse who initially was not eager to try anything that didn’t have meat in it, to now here entire family is vegan.

Episode Highlights

[02:00] Where it all began

[05:00] Shifting to the ethics of food

[07:30] An ah-ha moment resulting in aligned living

[10:00] Neuro pathways around healthy foods

[12:00] The Zen of food prep and consumption

[15:00] 2020 was a year of loss and grieving

[20:30] Where are you energetically?

[25:00] Why people resist to our change

[28:00] The “Vegan Cult”

[32:00] How “Flow in the Kitchen” came to be

[37:00] Revealing a few “out there” ideas

[40:45] Being part of a healthcare system that is broken


More about Brigitte Gemme

Brigitte Gemme is the author of the book Flow in the Kitchen: Practices for Healthy Stress-Free Vegan Cooking. She offers meal planning services, online cooking workshops, and a cooking club on her website Vegan Family Kitchen. Brigitte has a PhD in Education from UBC and a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the University of Winchester. She lives in Vancouver (Canada) with her husband and two children.

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