In this episode of the Plant Based Eating for Health show, I have the distinct honor of talking with Dr. Eduardo Corassa, a dedicated health advocate and passionate proponent of veganism, raw foods, and holistic health.



His personal journey, filled with transformation and growth, is a testament to the profound impact of dietary and lifestyle choices on overall wellbeing.

Dr. Corassa’s story begins during his teenage years. As a globally renowned Counterstrike player, his jet-setting lifestyle and unhealthy habits led to a significant decline in his health.

Unimpressed by the conventional medical solutions offered, he sought alternatives, eventually discovering the transformative potential of veganism and raw food diets.

Initially skeptical, Dr. Corassa found the switch to a raw food diet positively impacted his health almost instantly.

He shares his experience with a medically supervised 24-day water fast, a pivotal moment that solidified his commitment to promoting the benefits of his newfound lifestyle.

Over the past 16.5 years, Dr. Corassa has dedicated himself to a diet primarily composed of fruits and vegetables.

He has used his experience to foster a deep understanding of human physiology, biology, and nutrition, leading him to study nutrition at university and author 10 books on the subject. This journey has also fortified his belief in a holistic health approach that embraces individual, animal, and planetary welfare.

Dr. Corassa goes beyond recounting his personal journey to present a compelling, scientifically grounded argument for a plant-based diet. He attributes his improved physical health, mental abilities, productivity, and overall quality of life to his vegan lifestyle.

In discussing the environmental benefits of plant-based agriculture, Dr. Corassa highlights the sustainability of tree crops, which provide food in a three-dimensional space, promoting improved soil health, animal welfare, and food production.


He extends his advocacy to discuss the medicinal properties of plant-based foods, spotlighting the health-enhancing role of phytonutrients.

In addition, he delves into religion and mythology, drawing parallels between periods of purity and perfection where people lived primarily on fruits and vegetables. This historical and cultural context underscores the notion that humans are naturally adapted to consume these foods. Dr. Corassa further explores the concept of biological adaptation, arguing that through our modern diets, we have strayed from our natural predisposition.

He critiques the consumption of foods we are not naturally equipped to eat in their raw forms, like grains, tubers, and certain beans. Instead, he advocates for a diet filled with fruits and vegetables, which we have symbiotically evolved to consume.

While Dr. Corassa supports the vegan movement, he doesn’t shy away from critiquing the consumption of processed vegan foods.

These, he suggests, can be just as harmful as animal products. He urges us to consider the environmental impact of consuming these processed foods, particularly regarding the plastic packaging that contributes to pollution and the death of animals.

Promoting a raw food lifestyle, Dr. Corassa also acknowledges that this dietary path may not be for everyone. His practical advice for those unable or unwilling to fully adopt such a diet is to increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables while avoiding processed foods.

His holistic approach to nutrition extends beyond food to include lifestyle elements like sleep, sunlight, exercise, and connection with natural environments.

A significant focus of this episode is the role of a plant-based diet in cancer prevention, a topic that holds personal significance for Dr. Corassa due to his father’s battle with cancer. He emphasizes the benefits of plant-based foods and nutrients in cancer prevention while highlighting the potential dangers of certain nutrients found in animal protein.

Dr. Corassa advocates for a lifestyle that promotes not merely survival, but the ability to thrive.

This involves providing our bodies with the necessary care and nutrients, which includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and a connection with nature.

Finally, Dr. Corassa underscores the global implications of our individual actions, asserting that adopting a more sustainable, plant-based diet is a crucial step towards creating a healthier planet for future generations.

More About Dr. Eduardo Corassa

Dr. Eduardo Corassa is a clinical nutritionist, writer, speaker, YouTuber, and culinarian who is known for his focus on raw and vegan diets. He is the founder of the Frugal Health portal, which provides information on healthy eating habits and lifestyle. He has authored six books and has been interviewed by various TV programs, including Globo Repórter, Sem Censura, and Câmera Record.

Corassa graduated in Literature and specialized in Natural Hygiene at the University of Natural Health. He has studied crudivorism and fasting abroad with the world’s leading crudivorous leaders. For 11 years, he has been living on an exclusively raw fruit and vegetable diet, and for 9 years, he has been teaching about the correlation between health and food.

In his TEDx talk, Corassa shares his vision of food and its role in our lives and society. He emphasizes the importance of consuming healthy and nutrient-rich foods to maintain good health and prevent disease. He also discusses the benefits of raw and vegan diets and how they can help us lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Eduardo Corassa has also been featured in other TV programs and publications related to health and nutrition. He has shared his knowledge and experience through articles published in several magazines and has gained a reputation as an expert in the field of nutrition.

Corassa is passionate about educating people about the importance of healthy eating habits and their impact on overall health and wellbeing. For nine years, he has been teaching about the correlation between health and food, sharing his knowledge through various channels, including his YouTube channel and his books.

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