The Power of Plant-Based Eating: Insights from My Conversation with Wanda Huberman

As the host of the “Plant-Based Eating for Health” podcast show, I had the incredible opportunity to interview Wanda Huberman, the Executive Director of the National Health Association (NHA).

Our conversation provided valuable insights into Wanda’s personal journey, the mission of the NHA, and the upcoming 75th anniversary conference.

Wanda’s Transformative Journey

Wanda shared how her journey began over three decades ago when she met her husband, who was already involved with the NHA. Through attending conferences, reading books, and engaging with experts, Wanda gradually transitioned from a conventional diet to vegetarianism and eventually embraced a fully plant-based lifestyle. Her motivation expanded beyond personal health to encompass compassion for animals and a desire to create a sustainable future.

Understanding Healthy Plant-Based Eating

Wanda and I delved into the topic of healthy plant-based eating, clarifying the confusion surrounding different terms associated with plant-based diets.

She emphasized the importance of a whole-food, minimally processed approach, focusing on nutrient-rich plant foods. Her daily meal choices include large chopped salads, smoothies packed with greens, and simple, yet flavorful, whole-food meals.

Wanda highlighted the simplicity and versatility of plant-based eating, making it accessible to everyone.



The Vision of the National Health Association

As the Executive Director of the NHA, Wanda expressed her vision for the organization. A primary goal is to reach a diverse audience and expand resources to educate and empower families on plant-based living.

The NHA strives to promote diversity, raise awareness about animal welfare, and address environmental concerns.

Unveiling the 75th Anniversary Conference

During our conversation, Wanda and I discussed the highly anticipated NHA conference, marking the 75th anniversary. This milestone event brings together renowned speakers in the plant-based community, including Dr. Joel Furman, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Kim Williams, Dr. Stefan Esser and other luminaries in the plant-based world.

Wanda emphasized the unique opportunity for attendees to engage with these experts, gain new knowledge, and network with like-minded individuals. The conference serves as a platform for inspiration, education, and collaboration.

The Virtual Conference Experience

An exciting aspect about the conference is the virtual option, where attendees can engage in live Q&A sessions, connect with other participants, and access exclusive content. Additionally, the virtual conference provides a swag bag filled with valuable resources, further solidifying the NHA’s commitment to supporting individuals on their plant-based journey.

Unlocking Membership Benefits

Throughout our conversation, Wanda and I emphasized the advantages of becoming an NHA member. As a sidenote, I am a member of the NHA and encourage others to become a member.

For a modest annual fee of only $35 a year, members gain access to a quarterly full-color magazine featuring insightful articles, as well as access to ebooks and courses.

Members also enjoy discounts on digital products, making it even more accessible to embrace and sustain a plant-based lifestyle.

Hosting Wanda Huberman on the “Plant-Based Eating for Health” podcast allowed me to delve into the power of plant-based eating and the incredible work of the National Health Association.

Wanda’s personal journey, the upcoming 75th anniversary conference, and the commitment of the NHA to provide education, support, and resources to its members showcased the organization.

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