In the realm of holistic wellness and plant-based nutrition, Camilla Clare Brinkworth, a passionate advocate for veganism and whole food plant-based living, stands out as a shining example of how making conscious dietary choices can transform lives.

A Journey of Transformation

Camilla Clare’s journey to veganism and naturopathy was not a straightforward one. She hails from the United Kingdom but has spent significant portions of her life in various countries, including Australia and Bali. Her path to becoming a vegan and a naturopath was marked by a profound connection with animals, a desire for a healthier life, and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Camilla initially transitioned to vegetarianism at the age of 24 after a deep emotional connection with her pet dog made her realize the sentience and beauty of animals. However, it wasn’t until later that she fully comprehended the cruelty and suffering involved in the dairy and egg industries, which led her to embrace veganism wholeheartedly.

The impact of this dietary shift on her health was nothing short of remarkable. Within just two weeks of adopting a vegan diet, Camilla experienced a significant reduction in her chronic neck pain caused by arthritis. Her mood also improved drastically, shifting from persistent unhappiness to a baseline of joy and gratitude.

The Essence of Veganism and Whole Food Plant-Based Living

For Camilla Clare, being vegan is more than just a dietary choice; it’s a holistic way of life. She emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations, environmental sustainability, and health in the vegan lifestyle. According to her, veganism involves prioritizing non-cruelty to animals while also embracing a whole food plant-based diet.

A whole food plant-based diet, Camilla explains, is not just a diet but a philosophy that extends beyond food choices. It involves focusing on whole, minimally processed plant foods while minimizing the consumption of processed and animal-derived products. This approach aligns with the principles of compassionate living, health promotion, and environmental conservation.

Advocating for Sustainable Alternatives

Camilla’s dedication to raising awareness about plant-based nutrition and sustainability led her to initiate a mission that could significantly impact our planet – promoting Ahiflower as an alternative to fish oil. Collaborating with experts like Geoff Palmer, she became a strong advocate for Ahiflower which offers distinct advantages over traditional fish oil.

Ahiflower oil, the sustainable alternative Camilla promotes, is grown using regenerative agriculture principles in the UK. Unlike the detrimental effects of commercial fishing on marine life and ecosystems, Ahiflower oil supports soil regeneration and offers various omega metabolites that fish oil lacks.

Embracing Joyful and Healthy Living

Camilla Brinkworth’s life story serves as an inspiration for anyone considering a shift toward veganism and whole food plant-based living. Her journey from chronic pain and unhappiness to vibrant health and boundless joy illustrates the transformative power of conscious dietary choices.

As she continues to raise awareness about the ethical, environmental, and health benefits of veganism, Camilla invites individuals to embark on their own journeys toward a more compassionate, sustainable, and healthier way of life. With yoga, walking, and a whole food plant-based diet as cornerstones of her daily routine, she proves that embracing veganism is not just about what you eat but about how you live.

Her story reminds us that choosing a plant-based lifestyle is not only beneficial for ourselves but also for the planet and all its inhabitants. It is a path to joyful living and a powerful way to contribute to a more compassionate and sustainable world.


About Camilla Brinkworth

At the age of 22 Camilla Brinkworth was diagnosed with arthritis after three years of debilitating pain, which continued for another couple of years to the point where she couldn’t even hold a pen. After transitioning to a wholefood, plant-based diet, Camilla’s health and wellbeing was transformed. Today she’s mostly pain-free with high levels of energy and happiness. A naturopath, medical herbalist and nutritionist in Sydney, Camilla helps others to make the change to plant-based living for optimal wellness. She’s also the co-founder of Phytolove, a distribution company committed to bringing innovative products and nutraceuticals to the Australian and New Zealand markets. The company’s first product is Ahiflower, a complete 3+6+9 omega oil supplements.



About Kathleen Gage

Kathleen Gage is the founder and CEO of Vegan Visibility, a marketing and visibility consulting company dedicated to healthy living, compassion for the animals and kindness to the planet. As an ethical vegan, Kathleen is committed to doing all possible to shine the spotlight on those who align with the vegan mission and message.

Kathleen is the co-founder of Vegan Visibility Productions, a production company working with vegan and plant-based identified companies.

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