First time author, Martika Whylly shares insights into what motivated her to write her book, how to stay motivated and what to do when you get writer’s block.

Her book is a great resource for anyone who wants to further understand the grieving process. Martika believes in the afterlife and being guided by a Higher Power.

Having lost her mother at the age of 15, Martika began her journey to more fully understand the process of grieving. Her path took her into a career working in a nursing home, bringing comfort to the residence who were transitioning.

Martika shares insights into the stages of grieving, the process of transition and what comes next, based on one’s beliefs.

Her book was a happy accident. Having premonitions in her dream of a man dressed in black, she was determined to discover the origin of the vision.

She started writing, not realizing she was actually working on a book. Her writing was about the many deaths she had experienced and dealing with grief.

Yet, at one point, everything came to a standstill with her writing. Find out how she overcame her own writer’s block through an episode of Oprah Winfrey.

On the afterlife

“I believe that we’re all creators and we’re always creating constantly, even when we transition. When we go cross over, if we believe nothing happens after we die, then nothing will happen.

I believe that once you cross over, you see that light. Some people are afraid of the light. I don’t think they go into the light. And then they become spirits and physical, which we call ghosts and apparitions, which I’ve seen. But I believe once you see the light, you cross over near it into that light. Because I’ve experienced that as well. That to me is love in its purest form, whether you want to call it God, the universe or Allah.  To me, it’s just pure love. And when you experience that, you’ll never fear death, ever.”

According to Martika, most people that have experienced the light or had a near-death experience aren’t afraid of it.

“Now, if we all had that, we would all probably live in a very different world and we’d look very different.”

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