Is there such a thing as cruelty free meat? According to Paul Shapiro, founder and CEO of Better Meat Co, it is definitely possible for people to enjoy meat without harming animals. A 30 year vegan, Paul is committed to raising awareness about compassionate meat choices.

Paul Shapiro is committed to raising awareness about meat options that do not involve the death of animals or factory farming. Knowing there is a lot of work to do to raise awareness about compassionate eating, Paul is committed to meeting people where they are at.

Although it may seem like animal-based meat consumption is on the decline, according to Paul, it is actually on the rise. His goal is to give people who refuse to give up meat choices that are kind to animals, the planet and health.

“Most carnivores are not concerned with where meat comes from. They want what they want. The solution is offering alternatives,” Paul states.

The Better Meat Co. is an ingredients company. Unlike companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, the Better Meat Co., is a business-to-business ingredients companies selling to the makers of plant based & animal-based meat companies with the goal of reducing the footprint on the planet from animal based meats.

Paul had the vision for his company due to a long-standing concern for the treatment of animals and for climate change and for saving humanity from themselves.

Humanity’s footprint on the planet is getting bigger, but the planet isn’t getting any bigger. With nearly eight billion people on the planet and growth to ten billion in the next 30 years, options like what Paul’s business offers is a viable solution.

Although many vegans do not consume non-animal-based meats, this is an opportunity for those who do not identify as vegan to make healthier choices as well as vegans who enjoy cruelty-free choices.

What makes the Better Meat, Co., unique is how they utilize fermentation. Nearly all plant-based meat is made out of one of three crops including peas, wheat or soy, or maybe a combination these three items.

By using fermentation to make a fourth category of plant-based meat alternatives it produces a high-quality product.

With the growth of the plant based and vegan food choices, there is plenty of room for growth and product launches. Without a doubt, Paul Shapiro is leading the way to more cruelty free meats and lifestyles.

All in the Family

Not only is Paul vegan, his wife, Toni Okamoto, also vegan, is the founder of Plant-Based on a Budget. Together, they are taking the world by storm. Add to that their dog Eddie, who is an Instagram favorite and one thing is clear, they are making a difference in the lives of men and women around the globe, not to mention all the animals who are not suffering through their commitment to cruelty-free lifestyles.

More about Paul Shapiro

Paul is an authority figure on food and agricultural sustainability.  He has been invited on hundreds of news outlets, including StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson, The Rich Roll Podcast, and CNN.  He’s also published hundreds of articles ranging from daily newspapers such as The Washington Post to pop-sci publications like Scientific American as well as magazines like FORTUNE and academic journals.   Paul is available for keynote presentations as well as podcast and other media interviews.

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