If you’re a vegan, there’s a good chance you’ve looked for restaurants that have vegan options and there’s also a great chance you’ve been sorely disappointed. Add to this, food allergies and your options become incredibly limited.

Enter Heather Landex. Heather has made it her personal and professional mission to raise awareness about the need for restaurants to provide choices that minimize the risk to those who have food needs that go beyond the bare minimum required by law.

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Heather began working in the food service industry in 2000 and has worked in 8 countries and in over 1000 food service businesses. Since training as an Environmental Health Practitioner, Heather has specialized in food safety, worked with the World’s largest food safety and safety compliance companies, The Olympic Games, the World’s largest chain restaurant brands, Michelin star restaurants and developed and further specialized into allergy and dietary preferences beyond compliance and into customer service, marketing and branding.

Heather has personally experienced the wrath of food allergy, which inspired her to author her book as well as go further into working with clients to help them avoid a tragic situation that could result from food allergies.

She has her own style of the vegan lifestyle, which she is very passionate about. She travels extensively for work across countries helping restaurants and hotels to keep to food safety and brand standards.

Having observed areas of weakness in the food service industry, as well as witnessing the best of the best within the industry, Heather is committed to raising awareness for restaurant owners, managers and servers as well as patrons.

Heather’s primary goal is to change mindsets about food allergies and making establishments safe for patrons.

There are many common food allergies that to the uninformed may seem like insignificant concerns, but food allergies can be deadly.

You, as a consumer, have the right to know your life will not be put in harm’s way through your food.

Food Replacements May NOT Be the Answer

Many people are under the mistaken notion that some meal replacements, such as replacing meat with fake meat, is the solution, but Heather is quick to rule this out.

It’s really about creativity in the kitchen in a way that prevents unnecessary food reactions.

In addition to being healthier for consumers, creative solutions can also be healthier for a restaurants bottom-line.

When the forgotten markets are taken into consideration, profits increase. The profits are in the return customers. It’s a win/win to consider dietary preferences including those of vegans, vegetarians, people with allergies and people with intolerances that are currently forgotten.

By tapping into these markets, you create loyal customers.

Getting the Word Out

There are some simple steps a restaurant can take to increase awareness of their increased food choices.

One, be aware of keywords used on their website. For example, if they offer vegan choices, be sure to use the word vegan in strategic locations on the website.

Two, make sure alternative options are visible on the menu. It’s amazing how much missed business is a result of not clearly showcasing dairy free, peanut free and vegan options. It’s a simple fix that will result in more business.

Three, create a welcoming environment by training staff and management.

Great Options

Looking for other options? A great option is Heather’s book and her consulting services. Heather regularly visits restaurants in the U.K. to check their standards and help with compliance standards.

Pre-pandemic, you might have heard Heather at an industry conference. Now, most of her presentations are done online. In November she will be speaking at the Restaurant and Takeaways Innovation Expo.

She also presents to compliance groups. And of course, she’s always open to introductions to meeting planners for upcoming conferences.

As Heather is happy to share, “If you know conference and event organizers, hotels, and restaurants, especially vegan ones, send them my way. I’ll help them make more money, and love them at the same time.”

You can reach Heather Landex at www.heatherlandex.com Be sure to let her know you heard her on Vegan Visibility.