What would motivate someone to ride a bicycle across Canada? For Nicolette Richer, the motivation is simple; raise awareness about health, reversing disease, and the need for people to know the truth about what they are consuming.

We dig deep into food choices, racism, colonization, disease and the oppression that needs to be brought to the light of day.
Episode Highlights

[01:30] Growing up plant-based set the stage for what was to come  

[06:30] 7,200 km bicycle ride has roots in her grandmother’s journey from slavery  

[10:00] Is it conspiracy theory or fact?  

[12:00] 22 Million Strong sets the stage for change  

[16:00] Whistler, B.C., Eds Bred, Tony Robbins and so much more  

[19:00] Wanda Huberman, Executive Director of NHA, does things differently  

[20:20] When Plant Based is the only option for your health  

[24:00] Eradicating disease is feasible… when you know this one tip  

[26:00] Your foot or your food?  

[28:00] Insights into marketing your vegan business  

[34:00] From self-centered focus to expanded out … learning from our elders  

[35:50] Intergenerational trauma impacts more than we realize  


Nicolette Richer is a serial entrepreneur, author, PBWF endurance athlete, Regenerative Medicine Educator, Doctoral candidate, lululemon Ambassador and most importantly, a mom of three world-shaking girls. She has 20+ years as an international speaker including a TEDx talk and successful Dragons’ Den appearance.

Nicolette is on a mission to eradicate 22 million cases of chronic disease by 2030. As a Regenerative Medicine Health Educator, she has over 15 years experience helping thousands of people reverse their diagnosed chronic diseases using metabolic nutrition and detoxification, and cellular regeneration.

She’s spoken globally to captivated audiences on how to Eat Real to Heal and has even personally catered for and was named a Force for Good by Tony Robbins.

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