Now, more than ever, it’s essential to do what you can to gain visibility for your business. Regardless of the industry you are in, visibility is a must-have.

In this episode of the Vegan Visibility Podcast, VLynn Hawkins and host, Kathleen Gage dig into what vegan entrepreneurs can do to gain visibility in front of their niche market.

Episode Highlights

[02:30]             It started with a career in commercial real estate

[04:30]             Crowdfunding hits the business scene

[13:00]             Strategies for visibility

[16:00]             Connect with other vegan businesses

[22:00]             Be clear on your offerings

[25:30]             Imposter syndrome

[29:00]             Understanding the value of your resources

 More about VLynn Hawkins and Kathleen Gage 

V.Lynn Hawkins is a certified business acceleration coach and consultant and small business crowdfunding strategist. She is also a “Using Lifestyle & Food as Medicine” advocate.

Kathleen and VLynn began their business partnership to create experiences through their work that in turn, allow clients to have more and bigger opportunities to create experiences for their clients.

Their partnership happened serendipitously, yet intentionally, as their plant-based, vegan journey elevated.

Their shared values prompted a similar desire to do more to help vegan and pre-vegan entrepreneurs to get visible, get heard, and get paid for their work.

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