Laura Katleman, Founder of Bhur Foods, shares her journey from being a vegetarian for many years to becoming a vegan. She describes how her eating habits evolved over time, starting from giving up beef, then chicken, seafood, and finally all animal products.


The Catalyst for Going Vegan


Laura’s transition to veganism wasn’t a conscious decision but rather an evolution. As she became more health-conscious and her health practitioners advised her against consuming dairy, eggs, and other animal products, she naturally phased them out of her diet.


Embracing the Vegan Identity


Laura doesn’t strongly identify with the “vegan” label. She believes that being vegan works well for her body and her spiritual practice, making her feel lighter and more at ease, but avoids labels. For her, veganism is more of a personal journey than an identity she loudly proclaims.


Filling the Gap with Vegan Sweets


Laura noticed a lack of healthy vegan sweets in the market, which inspired her to start her company, Bhu Foods. She wanted to offer people transitioning away from sugar and animal products an alternative that allowed them to indulge in delicious treats without compromising their health.


The Birth of Bhu Foods


Laura founded Bhu Foods in 2013 after realizing the negative impact of sugar in her life and wanting to provide people with healthier, plant-based alternatives. She wanted her company to focus on offering transition foods that were both delicious and beneficial for people’s well-being.


The Challenge of Being Vegan in the Market


As a business owner, Laura faced the challenge of convincing people that organic and vegan products were worth investing in, especially when many other companies used greenwashing tactics to mislead customers. She emphasized the importance of reading labels carefully and understanding what ingredients were truly beneficial.


Incorporating Spirituality into the Business


Laura integrated her spiritual beliefs into her business practices. She strived to create a positive and uplifting work environment for her staff, offering meditation rooms, murals, and wellness programs to promote well-being and personal growth.


Dealing with the Pandemic and Rebuilding


The pandemic presented significant challenges to the business, leading to the need to downsize the Bhu Foods facility and staff. Through humility and learning from the hardships, Laura looks to rebuild and rebrand Bhu Foods with a focus on plant-based goodness.


The Intuitive Path Forward


Intuition plays a significant role in Laura’s business decisions. She believes in making choices that are right for the whole, not just herself. She emphasizes the importance of remaining teachable, humble, and open to learning from life’s experiences.


Engaging Customers through the Ambassador Program


To rebuild and grow the business, Laura invites customers to join the ambassador program, where people who value Bhu Foods and its message can share their experiences and spread the word. This program offers generous compensation for those who actively promote the brand.


Closing Thoughts


Laura encourages people to listen to their hearts, find joy in what they do, and practice kindness, both to oneself and to others. She believes that everyone’s journey to conscious eating is unique and should be honored with compassion and understanding.


About Laura Katleman


Laura Katleman is the founder of BHU Foods, which is a health-conscious company that produces low sugar, organic, vegan, high fiber food products made from clean ingredients. Her unhealthy relationship to sugar prompted her to write the book “Skinny Thinking” to help bring mindfulness to how we can collectively better fuel both our minds and our bodies. As both a mindful CEO and an author, she is passionate about selling clean food products and offering her best tips to empower others to reach their highest health goals.

As Laura embarked on her journey towards a healthier lifestyle, Laura realized that she couldn’t be the only one struggling with this issue. There had to be others seeking ways to cut back on or eliminate sugar from their diets, but the marketplace lacked suitable products to support their transition. This realization sparked an idea in her mind – she wanted to create products made from ultra-healthy, organic ingredients that not only catered to nutritional needs but also delivered an incredible taste experience, a “party in the mouth.”

Driven by her vision to provide the best of both worlds – deliciousness and health – Laura assembled a small team and delved into the kitchen. After a year of dedicated effort and experimentation, Bhu Foods was born, offering a range of products that embodied her mission to make delicious, healthy, and organic food accessible to everyone.

Laura is the author of Skinny Thinking: Five Revolutionary Steps to Permanently Heal Your Relationship with Food, Weight, and Your Body available on Amazon.

The Bhu Foods Mission


 Bhu Foods’ mission is to make people’s lives happier and healthier by supporting them in their transition away from sugar. As a conscious company, they strive to shift the health and consciousness paradigm on the planet. To achieve this, Bhu Foods is committed to setting an example by offering exceptional, healthy, low sugar, high fiber, clean labels, and delicious products.

At Bhu Foods, they go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of their customers, ensuring that their products not only promote well-being but also provide a delightful culinary experience. Additionally, they prioritize the needs of their employees and the community, fostering a culture of honor and support. Moreover, Bhu Foods takes environmental stewardship seriously, aiming to safeguard the environment through sustainable and responsible practices. Through these efforts, Bhu Foods is dedicated to making a positive impact on people’s health, the community, and the planet as a whole.


About Kathleen Gage


Kathleen Gage is the founder and CEO of Vegan Visibility, a marketing and visibility consulting company dedicated to healthy living, compassion for the animals and kindness to the planet. As an ethical vegan, Kathleen is committed to doing all possible to shine the spotlight on those who align with the vegan mission and message.

Kathleen is the co-founder of Vegan Visibility Productions, a production company working with vegan and plant-based identified companies.

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