Imagine making hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month from product sales without having to create the products. Is this possible?
Absolutely! Here’s how.
Affiliate marketing and sales! Affiliate marketing is the fastest way virtually anyone can begin making money online with very little time invested. However, before jumping in, you need to know a few things.

Know Your Market

Be very clear on who your market is and what they want and need. Rather than marketing anything and everything, have a focused approach.
If your market is pet lovers, only offer products that are specific to their interests. To do otherwise dilutes your efforts.
If your market is mompreneurs, think of all the things they would be interested in and go from there.
Consider why they are coming to your site, joining your email marketing list, or following you on social media. Based on this information, you can create a list of possible products and services you can offer to them.

Be Selective

Choose the products and services with care. Make sure you can stand behind what you offer. Even though you didn’t create the products, you still need to feel 100% congruent about what you offer.

Be Timely

Whatever products you offer need to solve specific problems. Currently, products that address safety, health and well being, building a business, and authorship are a few examples of what are very popular. Likely, these will sustain the interest of a market for some time to come. However, there could be products that will be popular for a short period of time, but then fade away due to the “fad” mentality of some markets.

Why I Love Affiliate Products

I’ve been creating info products for nearly 20 years.
However, there’s only so much I can do considering much of my time is spent working one-on-one with clients.
Additionally, when I want to introduce info products to my community that are not in my wheelhouse of expertise, I introduce products that my expert colleagues have created… often as an affiliate.
On the flip side, I have people who introduce my info products to their community as an affiliate.
What this means is I can make as much as 50% of a sale without having to do the “heavy lifting” of creation and my affiliates can make 50% from my products without being the one to create the product.
If you’ve been wanting to get in the game of information products, affiliate marketing may very well be the way to go.
However, you want to feel 100% congruent about what you introduce. A great example of an incredible expert is my good buddy, Nicole Dean. Nicole is someone I have complete faith in. Her products are ALWAYS beyond compare.
Nicole is recognized as one of the most trusted resources in the affiliate space. Not only does her company create a variety of products to help grow a business, she provides products that help you immediately understand and launch affiliate products.
One product she has the Affiliate Marketing Planner. What I love about this product is it is designed for you to use content to create a list building freebie, mini digital product or you can create a training library for your members and clients.
Best of all, it so inexpensive (and I do mean really inexpensive) that virtually anyone can start on the path to content marketing with very little time on your part.
Check it out.