As I prepare to launch the 7 Day Plant Based Eating Reboot, it occurs to me that many people are viewing plant based eating as the next fad diet.

Although you will most likely drop weight during the 7 Day Reboot period (beginning January 1, 2019) this is NOT a diet. If you are viewing it as a diet, it simply means you will eat this way for a short period of time, lose whatever amount of weight you desire, then go back to eating foods that are not serving your health.

Why Plant Based?

There are often three primary reasons people switch to a plant based protocol.

  • Health, including weight loss
  • Compassion to animals
  • The environment, including minimizing their contribution to global warming

Seven Day Test

My own journey into a plant based lifestyle was triggered due to inflammation in my wrist and hand.

A few months ago, I was experiencing increasingly painful inflammation in my right hand as well as other joints. As a writer, it was impacting my ability to type for more than a few minutes at a time.

After researching natural remedies, I decided test out a 100% plant based eating protocol for seven days . Within two days, the inflammation all but disappeared.

Not 100% convinced the inflammation might not return, I gave it another seven days. Then another. That was three months ago.

Since the day the inflammation disappeared, it has not returned. As if that weren’t enough, in the time I’ve been eating plant based, the results have been nothing short of amazing. Not only have I dropped an unwanted weight without dieting (23 pounds so far), my energy and concentration have improved substantially.

Not My First Time Around

About a year ago, after watching several documentaries about how meat gets to one’s plate, I made a half-hearted attempt at going plant based. At the time, I thought I was 100% committed, but the fact I went back to eating meat indicated otherwise. Without a doubt, in this case words were empty while my actions spoke volumes.

Fast forward to September, 2018. Dealing with ever-increasing pain in my hand, I did what I love doing when I want to get an answer to a problem; researched solutions. Over an over, the answer seemed to be a plant based diet.

I watched hours and hours of video from industry experts including doctors, nutritionists, men and women who had a life changing experience by going plant based and just about everyone in between.

I bought several books, each of which I consumed in record time. I was on a mission.

My Eyes Were Opened

The most amazing thing occurred. Not only did the pain disappear after two days, I literally had my eyes opened to the other benefits of a whole foods, plant based diet.

The reason I chose whole foods is due to my propensity toward sugar, oils and processed foods. There is a whole segment of vegans who, although they’ve eliminated animal and dairy products from their diets, they continue to eat processed foods that are vegan. They do not experience the health benefits of a whole food plant based diet also known as WFPB.

Hungry for information that would give me the greatest chance of improving my health, I watched several videos about the way meat, poultry, pork and fish is processed. To say I was shocked is an understatement. Not only did I see how absolutely unhealthy the process is for humans, the inhumane treatment to animals opened my eyes like never before. Documentaries like Cowspiracy, Dominion, Earthlings and What the Health are “must sees” if you want to know the truth.

Check out 15 must-see documentaries

I Hope I Make You Sick!

What I find most amazing are the people who say, “I can’t watch those documentaries. It will make me sick to know what’s going on and then that ruins meat for me forever.”

Folks, that’s the idea. I’m on a mission to not only educate people on what is really going on. My goal is to ruin your desire for meat forever. Simple as that.

A close companion to compassion for animals is the love and care of the environment. The fact is, glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, cloud forests are dying and wildlife is threatened due to Global Warming.

Global Warming is REAL!

National Geographic did a great job in showing exactly what the impact is.

“It’s becoming clear that humans have caused most of the past century’s warming by releasing heat-trapping gases as we power our modern lives. Called greenhouse gases, their levels are higher now than in the last 650,000 years. We call the result global warming, but it is causing a set of changes to the Earth’s climate, or long-term weather patterns, that varies from place to place. As the Earth spins each day, the new heat swirls with it, picking up moisture over the oceans, rising here, settling there. It’s changing the rhythms of climate that all living things have come to rely upon.”

Anyone who claims there is no global warming is not paying attention. Or remarks like, “If we are having colder than usual temperatures, where is the global warming?” Really?!?!

Our own president has been known to make such remarks in his attempt to get a laugh. This is no laughing matter and it’s sad that our so-called leader is making jokes about it.

Global Warming is no laughing matter. It’s incredibly serious. We are on the fast track of destruction.

Massive Benefits

The bottom-line is this; plant based eating benefits us on many levels. Currently, there is a massive movement underway. Awareness is on the rise as are businesses committed to providing products and services that support the plant based way of life.

For example, PlantPure Communities is a nonprofit committed to raising awareness about the current problems and the possible solutions.

PlantPure Communities was formed partly as an outgrowth of the 2015 hit movie, PlantPure Nation. This movie documents the suppression of important taxpayer-funded scientific nutritional research that proves the benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet, and includes a call to action, which has resulted in the involvement of thousands of people joining the PlantPure movement.

PlantPure Communities is to build stronger, healthier, and more sustainable communities. This is being accomplished through a wide range of research, policy, and program activities and working with local nonprofits, businesses, governments, hospitals and other health-related organizations, faith-based groups, and other community organizations. Check it out.

7-Day Reboot Invitation

As you can see, I’m very passionate about what I am learning regarding a plant-based lifestyle. One day at a time, I make a commitment to live in as much alignment to my health, love of animals and the well-being of the planet. My question to you is this, “Do you see plant-based eating as something you want to do?” If so, people sure to join my Facebook Group AND join in the 7-Day Plant-Based Reboot beginning on January 1st. Simple add your name and email in the box provided at the top of this page and join my FB group.