You see it everyone. Mindless living. The type of living that tends to leave people in a place of desperation wondering why life seems to be passing them by.

Although most people won’t admit they live in a state of mindlessness, a view of their routine surely indicates they do.

The routine goes something like this. They roll out of bed, mindlessly hit the restroom, mindlessly make a cup of coffee, mindlessly drink the first cup of coffee, slowly come to in order to begin the routine of their day.

They mindlessly go through the day, drag through work, finish their day doing whatever it is they get paid to do, mindlessly play around on social media, mindlessly eat dinner, pass the time before bed with more mindless time on social media or a mindless television show, hit the sack, toss and turn, wake up and repeat the process the next day.

Sounds awful, but incredibly, people do this day after day after day.

They live a mindless life.

Ask them if they are living in a mindless state and they will tell you no, but if you look at their routines, you’ll see that they actually do.


It doesn’t have to be like this. You do have control over how energized, alive and fulfilled you are.

A simple change to the way you start your day will dramatically impact the level of depth you feel throughout your day.

Start in A State of Mindfulness

Start Your Day with Intention. Simply put, become fully present in your life.

Rather than simply rolling out of bed to begin your standard routine, change things up to be more intentional about what you are doing.

Three simple actions can literally change your life.

  1. 10 minutes of conscious silence
  2. 10 minutes of conscious stretching
  3. 10 minutes of conscious reading

Conscious silence

Ten minutes of silence may not seem like a long time, but for most people, it’s a lot longer than they realize. Especially when there are absolutely no distractions.

Think about your own habits. When is the last time you sat quiet for ten minutes with no distractions? Nothing to take your attention away from your own mind chatter.

The optimal word is “sat.”

To get the most out of this experience, you have to get out of bed. You will not have the same experience by staying bed for this process.

Sit upright in a chair, set the time on your phone for ten minutes, close your eyes and sit… in silence. No music, no television, no buzzing of your phone alerts, nothing.

Make sure you will not be disturbed during this process. It’s literally a game changer. The time can be used to focus on gratitude and prayer. I like to focus on the word “gratitude” during my conscious silence. I repeat the word over and over until I begin to notice all I have to be grateful for.

It’s amazing how powerful this one step can be to set the intention for your day.

Conscious stretching

Upon completion of your ten minutes of silence, now comes conscious stretching.

When’s the last time you became fully aware of how your body feels? Not the little aches and pains that many people wake up with but sensing the gift of your body. Ten minutes of conscious stretching may shock and delight you.

You become aware of your body on a completely different level.

Keep in mind, this is about conscious stretching. It’s not about seeing how fast you can move your body, but rather, slow, deliberate movement.

If you’re like me, you will get a renewed appreciation of what a gift your body is.

Conscious reading

I love starting my day reading something that shifts my perception. It puts me in a state of mind that allows me to be more “awake.” This morning I read for ten minutes from Marianne Williamson’s Illuminata.

After your ten minutes of conscious silence and then conscious stretching, comes ten minutes of conscious reading. Imagine starting your day reading something like, “The change we seek cannot be achieved through human auspices, but only through the spirit of God.”

Rather than immediately hopping on social media to see what’s going on with the latest cat video or what POTUS is up to, start your day by reading something that takes you to a deeper level of awareness.

As with the ten minutes of silence and stretching, conscious reading sets the tone for your day.

By incorporating these three activities into your morning routine, you are laying a foundation for a day filled with miracles.

Our days are filled with miracles, but most people are too scattered to notice. By grounding yourself in deep consciousness first thing in the morning, you notice things throughout the day that would have otherwise been missed due to mindless living.

Become mindful of all the blessings you are surrounded with.

30 Day Turnaround

Imagine what could change (for the better) if you were to incorporate these three steps into your morning routine for the next 30 days. Make a commitment to this and no matter what, start you day in a very conscious state. In 30 days your life will definitely improve.