2015 promises to be an amazing year for small business owners. In the coming year there will be some incredibly important marketing trends that will impact the way you do business.
Some are minor and simply a continuation of what is already happening. Others are major and will heavily impact all you do.
Knowing what is coming will allow you the opportunity to offer products and services that address the needs of your customers and clients.
1.  Obesity will continue to increase and yet, more people will be willing to take 100% responsibility for their own health through more organic eating and consistent exercise.According to the McKinsey Global Institute the global weight-loss market is worth an estimated $586.3 billion. But obesity continues to rise with over 1.4 billion adults being overweight.
If you’re a health and fitness expert you are in a great position to educate the market, offer long term solutions, teach others how their habits are keeping them fat, unhealthy and toxic.
2.  Women will take on more leadership roles and have the willingness to take bigger risks personally, professionally, financially and spiritually.
Robin Ely and Colleen Ammerman of Harvard Business School, and Pamela Stone of Hunter College and the CUNY Graduate Center, recently released a paper based on a study of more than 25,000 Harvard Business School graduates, focusing their research on baby boomers (ages 49-67), generation X (ages 32-48), and millennials (ages 26-31) of both genders.
According to their findings, “There is a growing belief that not only do women bring a different and effective approach to management, but also that this difference is beginning to positively influence the organization in very specific ways. The stereotypical masculine view of leadership, alongside preconceived opinions of what it takes to be an effective leader, are inexorably giving way to leadership traits that are more inclusive, interactive and nurturing in style.”
3. There will be a huge increase of those 50 plus starting a business for the first time. For some, it is by design, for others, out of necessity.Due to fewer people having retirement funds, minimal savings and higher expenses, 2015 and beyond will see a dramatic increase in first time business owners over the age of 50.
The greatest challenge will be for those who are not business savvy, do not have the entrepreneurial mindset and in dire need of understanding what it takes to start, run and thrive in business.
4. Nonsensical videos will continue to clutter the Internet costing businesses billions of dollars in lost productivity. With the increase of technological capabilities and the number of devices with video shooting capability, we will see an increase in the number of videos loaded up on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.
According to Business Insider, “Smartphones, time-wasting websites and gossip can cost U.S. companies an estimated $650 billion a year.
5. The increase of indie authors, singers, artists and creatives willing to put their work out to market will level the field more than in the past.
Barriers to entry for the work of Indie artists are almost nonexistent.
With increased distribution channels there will be increased opportunity for Indies. Yet, the greatest barrier to success for any Indie is their knowledge on how to market their works.
These are only a handful of the trends in the coming year. You might be wondering how this impacts you. Find out on January 15th when I share more trends that will impact how you run your business in 2015 and how you can benefit from these trends.
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