In today’s uncertain times it is more
essential than ever to have a solid plan for growing your business. Here are
five proven strategies virtually any speaker, author, coach or consultant can

Teleseminars – Very effective method of gaining visibility
and credibility within a target market. Teleseminars can be offered to the
public or as a “by invitation only” session for your current clients and

Articles – Writing
articles is a great way to gain recognition as an expert in your field or
specific industry. By providing practical information, you can reach targeted
audiences. This can create exciting opportunities for you and your business.

Presentations – One of the most effective ways to market your product or
service is to offer a complimentary information seminar. When you provide great
information that is of interest to your market you have become a resource
before you are a vendor. By positioning yourself as a resource you are marketing
in a very unique way.


Joint Venture
Join together with others who have a
complimentary market to expand your market reach, message and stretch your
marketing dollars.


Write a
book –
Not only does a book increase your credibility, it can double as a
“robust” brochure to gain a potential clients attention.