Earlier today, I was teaching a class on content marketing. One of my students suggested I create a program on what to do after you build a subscriber list. I liked the idea.
Knowing what to do before, during and after building a list is a challenge for a lot of people, especially those new to marketing online.
Let me be perfectly clear; subscriber lists make you money… when you know how to build and nurture your subscribers.

More than the Word Subscribe

In the past, you could build a list simply by having a “Subscribe here” button. Not so today. Now you must have something that solves a specific problem.
People are busy, on information overload and want their solutions fast. Thus, the reason to have something that solves a specific problem.
For example, I am very interested in health and nutrition as it relates to older women who eat plant-based protocols.
I am more likely to opt in for a 10-page report entitled, “What Women Over the Age of 60 MUST Know about Plant Based Eating” than a 100-page report entitled, “Healthy Eating for Older Women.”
It’s the same with your community. They need specific, short and fast solutions to their problems.

Provide a Way to Sign Up

Your potential subscriber will discover you through any number of avenues including social media, a blog post, a podcast interview or a recommendation by a friend. Regardless of how they came to you, it’s essential to provide a sign-up link for them or at least a website URL. If they happen upon your material and have no easy way to connect with you, you are missing out on the opportunity of acquiring them as a new subscriber.

Create Massive Ongoing Value

Once someone opts into your list, you have to continue to nurture the relationship. You have to continue to create value. To not do so is a huge mistake many people make.
You create value with added content they are interested in. Occasionally, making an offer is another way to add value. As long as what you are offering is quality and solves more of their problem or an additional problem they have.
If you’ve heard stories about people making hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars a month with their subscriber list, it’s true. It is possible to do this. But again, you need a list.

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