janeWhen I first met Jane Falke little did I realize she dreamed of sharing her message of vibrant health in a big way.
What I saw in Jane from the start is a woman who is passionate about her life’s work. What made me realize that Jane is the real deal of what she teaches is when she said she was 71.
“No way!” I thought. “This woman can’t be more than late fifties, early sixties tops.”
I wanted to know her secret for looking so great and having the kind of energy she has. She said, “You can read it in my book.”
I love spunky women. Especially elderly women who are the picture of health.
It’s been my honor to work with Jane since late 2012. She never ceases to amaze me with her drive and passion.
Because I know my tribe has a very high interest in learning what other authors do to write, publish and market their books, I’ve asked Jane to share some of the details of how her book came to be.
Below is Jane’s account of some of the steps from idea to book sales.
I was told by an astrologist that I would write a book when I was in my sixties. I was shocked. I wasn’t a writer. I barely passed my English exams. I had problems expressing myself verbally. How could I be a writer? Then, when I studied for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in holistic nutrition, I had to write. I had projects to complete and they had to be done correctly. That was when I learned I had a love for expressing myself in written words.
When I was working with clients, I realized I was saying the same thing over again. I thought I would write a few handouts or maybe a guidebook for my clients so I wouldn’t have to repeat myself so often. I never thought about writing a book, but what I wanted to say grew into more information, more research, and ended with my book, Eat Healthy. Be Healthy at Any Age. (And yes, I was in my sixties!)
I started writing about health subjects that I thought people needed to know about. I added information to the material as I remembered it without regard to how the material flowed. I had a general idea what I wanted in the table of contents, but that changed often. I continued to write throughout the week.
I did get writer’s block. For me it was due to boredom or lack of motivation. But friends kept asking me, “How’s your book coming?” After a while, I thought, “I better get with it and finish it.”
Once my book was complete, I felt relieved. But I realized this is when the real work began.
The next process was publishing. I signed with a wonderful woman who guided me through the process. Soon my book was published on Amazon and Kindle and became available in bookstores.
The greatest benefit for me in writing Eat Healthy. Be Healthy at Any Age is seeing how it is changing people’s lives. Not a day goes by that I don’t have someone contact me and share how the programs and recipes have helped them achieve better health.
Marketing my book was the next step in the next process in getting known and selling books.
I’ve been amazed at how fun book signings are. Once I set my mind to getting my message out to market, I had lots of opportunities show up.
I have done many book signings, and the percentage of sales is high, as much as 50 to 70 percent. I don’t view myself as a salesperson, but I am prepared. I give a talk about my motivation to learn about nutrition, then I explain the programs and how I made the book easy for people to follow. I always allow time for people to ask me questions. This is my formula for selling books: being an example of my work and being prepared.
Really, it’s about having a conversation with people, regardless if there is one person I share my message with or hundreds. It’s just about sharing my insights.
I also market my book to my email list through my newsletters and email blasts. I add quality content about health and post on my social media pages regularly.
Something else that has worked really well to get the message out is preparing mini PowerPoint presentations on health-related topics, and post on SlideShare.com.
I do radio interviews and write guest blogs and articles. Marketing ideas are endless when you have the right guidance. Kathleen Gage is my marketing mentor.
Everyone has a book inside them. Don’t wait to start. Begin by writing about your experiences and subjects you think will help others learn and grow. You don’t have to be a great writer. There are editors, publishers, and marketing people who will help you get your message out to the world. Enjoy the process. The benefits outweigh anything that might be in your way.
jane bookTo get your own copy of Eat Healthy. Be Healthy at Any Age go to Amazon.com and order a copy today.
Visit Jane’s site at www.janefalke.com