As I approach my two year anniversary of going 100% plant based/vegan in my eating, I’m excited for what I recently discovered; 75 Hard Challenge.

Going plant based was definitely a life changing experience on so many levels. It prepared me for the ability to deal with the pandemic with more grace than if I had still be eating meat, dairy and processed sugar.

It has allowed me to exercise more, have more focus and increase my personal drive. Now, I’m ready for what comes next.

And… I’m inviting my community to join in the challenge.

Although the 75 Hard Challenge has been around for a while, like anything, some of us have taken longer than others to hear about it.

For me, the timing is perfect.

Getting through some “interesting” times due to the pandemic, now is a great time to participate in a challenge as intense as 75 Hard.

75 Hard Challenge is an extreme 75 day process designed to toughen the mind.

Full details from the official 75 Hard Challenge site.

It is NOT a diet, nor is there any one way of eating. You choose what your eating protocol will be… as long as it is healthy.

I will be adhering to a plant-based diet and vegan protocol.

You are welcome to join in the Facebook group regardless of what you choose to eat…again, as long as it’s healthy.

75 Hard Challenge Facebook


**Follow a diet… any healthy diet will work but it must be one you stick to. **Work out twice a day for at least 45 minutes.
**Drink a gallon of water per day.
**Read 10 pages of nonfiction a day.
**Take a 5-minute cold shower.
**Take progress photos every day.
**Absolutely no alcohol during the 75 day period