If you’re an author I would venture to say you
would love for your book to become a bestseller. How do I know this? Because I
have been working with authors for years, teaching them to market and sell


Actually, a primary goal of most authors is for
their books to become bestsellers. It’s not necessarily about the status of
being a bestseller and all that comes with achieving this outcome, it goes way
beyond this. It’s about the visibility your book will get; visibility that
allows your message to touch the lives of readers around the globe.


After all, isn’t it true that you have a message to
share that changes lives and your books are one of the vehicles you use to
accomplish this?


Unfortunately, the majority of authors do not know
how to market themselves. Not only do they not reach potential readers, they
often lose money by not selling very many books. It doesn’t have to be this


With all that is available today, virtually any
author can learn how to market themselves in order to reach more readers in a
shorter period of time in extremely cost effective ways.


In years past, authors were very limited in how
they could market their books. Besides, the costs for traditional book
marketing were very cost prohibitive to most authors.



However, with the Internet, this has changed.
Today, there is no reason at all that any author cannot succeed at reaching a
global market, selling lots of books and having a sustainable income from
book and all the opportunities a book opens up.


Recently, I conducted a survey to find out primary
challenges authors struggle with and what kin
Twi3d of information would be helpful
to them to achieve their goal of selling books.


Hundreds of men and women responded. Amazingly,
85.5% of those who responded said they don’t use the Internet effectively to
market their books; primarily because they just don’t know how.


The Internet is a powerful way to market and sell
books. I have been using it for years and teaching countless authors how to do
the same.


Just last week I coordinated a book launch for an
anthology book written by 38 authors. In addition to publishing a stellar book,
the goal of the publisher and the authors was to take the book to bestseller
status on Amazon. Blog tyalk


Not only did we accomplish this goal, the book made
it to #1 in three primary categories; spiritual, motivational and


The book became a bestseller due to a very
strategic marketing process. A process that virtually any author can implement,
but few know the ins and outs of how to do this.


How would you like to learn my system? A system
that works? A system that new and seasoned authors can use? Well, you can.


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