“I’m not making any money!” comes the frustrated battle cry.
“It’s easy for you, but I have not figured out how to make this thing work!”

Recently, lots of people who have been trying to make money online
are likely chanting these statements. Yet others are chanting, “Great times!
Great times! Great times!”

Which begs the question, “Why are some people making money online
while others are not?”

There are so many factors involved as to why one does and
one does not make money by way of the Internet that to pinpoint it in this
article may not be feasible.

However, it’s likely the people who are currently making
money are utilizing a number of different avenues in order to generate revenue.
They are not relying on one way and one way only.

Equally, they are not selling only high priced programs that
only a small percentage of their customers need, want or are willing to pay

Daily, there are those who are making a small fortune from selling
very low priced offers such as $7 reports, eBooks, MP3 files, etc. In these
fluctuating economic times they are providing content driven resources that
virtually anyone is willing and capable of paying for.

Now mind you, I didn’t
say everyone was willing to pay for, I said most people.

Consider this, if you have a database of people who aren’t
willing or able to afford even $7 this might be the core of why you are not
making money.

Consider this too, there are those who say they can’t pay $7,
but truth be told is they are not convinced of the value and/or benefit of your
offer.  Your job is to make sure the
solution you offer is a great fit for the market you are selling to.

One of the quickest ways to find out what a problem is and develop
(or find) an appropriate solution for is to discover specifically what your
customers have a challenge with. In other words, “What keeps them awake at

A great way to find out is to survey them. There are a
number of excellent tools on the market (many free) that you can use to survey
your customers.

Keep your survey short and to the point. Develop a few
multiple choice questions and one or two open ended. The open ended questions
are a great way to see commonalities in language patterns and extract
information from responders you may not have even considered.

When you know what your customer wants and needs you are in
a position to provide the solution. You don’t necessarily have to create the
end product. Consider finding other experts who have products you can sell for
them. This is a win/win/win.

You make money, the expert makes money and your customers
have great information. To see what I mean check out Lynn Terry’s report The 7
Easy Step Fast Cash Strategy.

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