If you’ve spent any time on LinkedIn, you’ve likely noticed how many of the banners look alike. The LinkedIn banner is the first impression someone has of you when they happen upon your profile. Yet, many people put little, if any, thought into their banner.
A great many people never change their banner and keep the standard background LinkedIn provides.
It’s likely you are aware of the importance of your picture, but have you put thought into your banner? For most people, the answer is no.
The banner is one of the most important parts of your profile. You convey a message… fast.

Banners allow you to improve your brand’s visibility and messaging.  To get the most from this high-value real estate, customize your image and banner.

Here’s an excellent post with dimensions for the various platforms. https://louisem.com/2852/social-media-cheat-sheet-sizes#linkedin
Your banner can convey your expertise and/or a call to action. Simply put, this is high value real estate.
With an eye-catching banner, you are going to grab a visitor’s attention faster than the standard banner most people use.
In a matter of seconds, you banner can convey important messaging.
Your banner can feature your profession, a book, you on the platform, or your branding.
Which would you rather have, the background LinkedIn provides or one that conveys exactly what you do?

Create a Banner … FREE

There are plenty of ways to create your banner. A quick Google search with “FREE banner creator LinkedIn” will bring up ample choices.
One of my favorites is CANVA. www.canva.com

Profile content

Beyond the banner, it’s important to add great content to your profile. Use as much of the word count as possible.
Whether you are using your LinkedIn profile as a job seeker, consultant, author or speaker, this is often the first impression others have of you. Make it powerful.
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A GREAT Platform for Authors

Without a doubt, LinkedIn is a great platform for authors. Not only can you convey your expertise, you can post images of your books.
Take full advantage of what this platform offers.