What used to be reserved for the fringes of society are now becoming mainstream. Veganism and plant-based eating.
Studies show that not only is it beneficial for entrepreneurs to become plant-based eaters, many new businesses are emerging with plant-based choices in their products and services offerings.
In 2017 alone, sales of plant-based foods increased by 8.1%, topping $3.1 billion. That’s huge.
According to an article in Forbes.com, “Sales of plant-based food in the US went up by 8.1% during the past year, topping $3.1 billion, according to research carried out by Nielsen for the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) and the Good Food Institute.”
Full article https://www.forbes.com/sites/katrinafox/2017/12/27/heres-why-you-should-turn-your-business-vegan-in-2018/#27a052782144

I’ve Gone Plant Based

I decided to go 100% plant based a little over two months ago. Although my reasons varied, the main one was due to inflammation in my right hand. As a writer, it was impacting my ability to type for more than a few minutes at a time.
In the time I’ve been eating plant based, the results have been nothing short of amazing.
Within two days, all inflammation and pain in my hands was completely gone and has not returned.
Additionally, I dropped an unwanted 20 pounds without dieting, my energy and concentration have improved substantially and I have no afternoon dip in energy.
I’ve also noticed my stress is almost nonexistent as well as my creativity and intuition improving.
Additionally, I feel much more in alignment with my claim that I care about animal welfare.
As someone who cares about animals, I have to wonder how I could have consumed animal products for most of my life. The more research I do on what it takes to get meat on a consumer’s plate, the more committed I am to never eating any type of meat or dairy product.
If you’ve not researched this, why not take time to do so. You will be shocked at what you discover.

Why Adopt a Plant Based Protocol?

People adopt a plant-based diet for any number of reasons including health, weight loss, compassion to animals, minimizing reliance on the healthcare system (which is broken) and overall well-being.
Amazingly, as an entrepreneur, you will likely improve the way you perform in your business by adopting a plant-based protocol.
What’s even more amazing is that within seven days of eating-plant based you could see substantial changes in your energy, focus, blood pressure and creativity.  Your competitive edge will increase too.
Currently, I am in the process of integrating information about the benefits of plant-based eating for entrepreneurs into my overall messaging. I recently started a Facebook group called, Plant Based Eating for Health.
If you’d like to learn more about how plant-based eating can help you in business, we’d love to have you join in.

The reality is, as an entrepreneur, the healthier you are, the more capable you are of running and growing your business.