Is this what happens when you sit down at your computer to get started working on your business? I’ll read just these last two emails. One hour spent reading friends posts on social media. Send a private message to someone asking you a quick question. You know you really should change your email signature. Is it time for a new header on your site? Maybe you need a different color background for your Twitter profile page. All these things are legitimate tasks that might need to get done, but will they move your business forward?
If you let the voices in your head take over, you will have been busy all day, but not necessarily completed any projects to increase profits or success in your business. Distractions are everywhere, but you must be accountable to yourself or to a coach or accountability partner to stay on track if you want your business to be a success.
DebbieOGradyDebbie O’Grady, known as the Queen of Accountability is launching her book, The Accountability Edge, she and other contributors (ME) discuss how staying focused and accountable pays off. Yes, you read that correctly, I am a contributor in this book.
Below is a short excerpt from her book:
“Whenever I hear or read about a person or company that became an overnight success, I always read further to find out how long it actually took to become that “overnight success.” I know its not reality that someone opens their business on a Monday and is making a 6 or 7 figure income by Friday (or even a month from Friday) – my definition of “overnight success.
When I find out it took two to three years, Im still very impressed (actually anything less than five years is impressive to me) and I want to know what exactly was done to gain that success. The questions I want answers to are ones like – How did they know to do what they did? Who helped them along the way? Where did they find the information that helped them to succeed?
 I know they didnt become successful by doing things alone. More than likely, they each had a lot of help along the way, through training, coaching, and mentoring. I want to hear about those experiences and the lessons they learned on their journey to success. The itch for these answers compelled me to select fifteen successful entrepreneurs and ask them to share their experiences, insights, and tips. That is the information I want to share with you, in this book.
As I asked questions of each of these entrepreneurs about how they got where they currently are in their business, I heard more and more tell me about the “edge” accountability had given them in accomplishing their goals and attaining their successes. The Accountability Edge story each shared was a little bit different and unique for each individual. Each chapter of this book contains the experiences and lessons learned from one of the fifteen entrepreneurs, plus me, centered on the topic of Accountability. You’ll see, as you read, that each chapter author has a different view of the meaning of accountability as they tell how that Accountability Edge helped them in their success.”
accountabilityThe Accountability Edge can help you find success too!
In her book you will discover:

  • How best to set business goals
  • The power of an accountability partner or group to keep you on track and growing
  • Effective and practical techniques to accomplish your goals so you can accelerate your business progress and income
  • Pros and cons of having a business coach
  • And, most importantly, how to use the concepts of accountability to make more money!

Debbie and several contributing authors are offering seven free bonuses. You don’t want to miss out on this.
I encourage you to invest in yourself and your success today. Purchase The Accountability Edge right now today – December 16th so you can take advantage of the awesome launch day bonuses.  Click here to access details.