Podcast interviews can be a fantastic opportunity for gaining visibility. They can help you promote your brand, business, or cause while also expanding your audience. To get the greatest results, consider the before, during and after of an interview.

Pre-Interview Outreach and Preparation

As a podcast host, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of pre-interview preparation for potential guests. It’s essential for guests to research and understand the podcast’s niche, audience, and requirements before pitching themselves.

Unfortunately, many people don’t do their homework and end up requesting to be on shows that are not a good fit for them.

For example, I host two podcasts that both focus on plant-based and vegan markets. The number one criterion for someone to be on either of my shows is that they must follow a 100% plant-based diet, void of all animal and dairy products.

Despite this clear requirement, I often receive requests from individuals who don’t meet this criterion. If these prospective guests had done their research, they would quickly realize that they are not a suitable match for my shows.

The takeaway from this example is that pre-interview preparation is vital for potential guests. By doing your homework and understanding the focus and requirements of the podcast you’re pitching to, you will not only save yourself time and effort but also increase your chances of being invited as a guest.

Ultimately, proper preparation demonstrates professionalism and respect for the host’s time and audience, which can only work in your favor.

Pre-Interview Steps

a. Research potential podcasts: Look for podcasts relevant to your field, expertise, or interests. Take note of the show’s format, audience demographics, and interview style.
b. Research the host and the podcast’s previous episodes to familiarize yourself with their style and audience preferences.
c. Pitch yourself: Reach out to the podcast host or producer with a well-crafted email. Introduce yourself, highlight your expertise, and explain why you would be a valuable guest. Remember to include links to your website, social media profiles, and a few of your previous interviews or speaking engagements.
d. Get ready for the interview: Once you’ve been invited to participate, confirm the interview format and topics.
e. Provide requested materials promptly: When the host or producer asks for specific information, such as your bio, headshot, or any other promotional material such as your one sheet, be sure to deliver them within the requested timeframe. This shows your professionalism and helps the podcast team prepare for your interview.
f. Prepare your talking points: Develop a list of key messages you’d like to convey during the interview. This will help you stay focused and ensure you make the most of your time on air.
g. Provide your book: If you’re an author, send a copy of your book to the host. Especially if the show will focus on talking about a particular book. Ask the host if the digital version is preferred over sending a hard copy.

NOTE: If you are new to booking interviews, don’t worry about showcasing previous interviews. I’ve often hosted those new to show appearances. The amount of experience is often not as important to to a host as is a match for the show and an engaging topic.

Expert One-Sheet

Before you do your outreach, prepare your promotional material. One item that will showcase you in a very professional light is an expert one-sheet.

An expert one-sheet is a powerful tool for showcasing your expertise and experience as a potential podcast guest or speaker. It’s a concise, visually appealing, and informative document that provides essential information about you and your area of expertise.

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Showing Up for the Interview

a. Test your tech: Make sure your microphone, headphones, and internet connection are in good working order. Familiarize yourself with the recording software, if necessary.
b. Set the scene: Choose a quiet, well-lit space for the interview. Ensure that there are no distractions or background noises that could interfere with the recording.
c. Dress appropriately: Though many podcast interviews are audio-based only, dressing professionally can help put you in the right mindset for the conversation. Remember, professional attire is based on the industry.
d. Warm up: Practice your talking points and take a few deep breaths to calm your nerves before the interview begins.

During the Interview

a. Be engaging: Smile and convey enthusiasm in your voice. This can make a significant difference in how you come across to listeners.
b. Stay on topic: Stick to your talking points and avoid going off on tangents. Keep your answers concise and relevant to the questions asked.
c. Be a good listener: Pay attention to the host’s questions and respond thoughtfully. If you don’t know the answer to a question, be honest about it and offer to follow up with more information later.
d. Be mindful of time: Keep track of the interview’s duration and try to avoid running over time. If you have a lot to say, consider breaking your points down into smaller, more digestible segments.

After the Interview: Promotion and Follow-Up

a. Thank the host: Send a follow-up email to express your gratitude for the opportunity. This is also a good time to provide any additional information you may have promised during the interview.
b. Share the episode: Once the interview is live, share the link on your social media channels and website. Encourage your network to listen, rate, and review the podcast.
c. Leverage the content: Repurpose the interview into a blog post, video, or social media content to extend its reach and promote your brand.
d. Stay connected: Maintain a relationship with the host and their audience by engaging with them on social media and keeping them updated on your latest news and projects.


Being a guest on a podcast can be an excellent opportunity to share your story, knowledge, and expertise with a wider audience. By preparing thoroughly, presenting yourself professionally, and promoting the episode after its release, you can make the most of this powerful platform.

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