year (just about this time) I committed to something I had never done before; complete
a marathon. Registering for the Portland marathon, taking place a few
months from the day I committed, was my gift to myself for my 55th
birthday. Now mind you, I had never been in a marathon at any point in my life.

from the moment I made the vow to enter the event my focus was such that I read
whatever I could get my hands on, talked to others who had been in marathons,
blogged about it, joined marathon forums and changed my eating to accommodate having
the energy to do 5, 10 and 15 mile training sessions. I was stoked.

was going as planned until late August of last year when my foot hit a pothole
and within seconds I knew my dream was over; for now. My ankle was broken, but
not my dreams.

realizing what life had in store, I was about to embark on one of the most
incredibly difficult years of my entire life. Not because of my broken ankle.
That was the least of it. I was about to find out what concerns many boomers
deal with, aging parents and all that comes with this.

had no idea if I was prepared for the daily stresses that accompany this type
of experience. Yet, day by day I showed up for whatever was put in my path. My
priorities shifted drastically. My parents were my top priority.

had no idea the amount of emotional and physical pressure that would become a
part of my daily activity. Pressure in which I became very far removed from my
healthy habits which in short order were replaced with some old habits.

though my ankle healed remarkably fast (fully healed in about 3 months), I
found it very, very difficult to get back into my healthy habits.

amazing how quickly our bad habits can take over when the pressures of life
step in. And yet, the very things we are letting go of that are good for us are
the very things that can create the balance where stress does not take such an
incredible toll on us.

after time I would say I was going to get back into healthy eating. I would
make a half hearted attempt at my power walking, but it just wasn’t happening.

would read articles and books on health, talk to friends about how “someday
soon” I would get back into my healthy habits. But it just wasn’t happening.

is until I got my hands on a book that dramatically shifted my thinking. When I
first began reading 7 Rules of Achievement I thought, “Oh great, another book
on goal setting. I’ve read so many I hardly think this one will be different.”

Was I ever wrong. Author Tom Terwilliger lays out a strategy for achievement
different from anything I have read. Sure, there are aspects about goal setting
similar to what I already know, but the distinctions he presents are powerful
and were enough to get me off my backside and make some critical changes I
absolutely needed to make.

distinctions are  so powerful in fact that
from the first day I began reading his book I went back to my healthy eating,
started my power walking again, and feel better than I have in some time. That
was about a month ago.

exciting is Tom has some very simple strategies he presents that I am
completely confident I will stay on my healthy path and not return to the bad
habits. For this I am very, very grateful.

fact is, when we are feeling good about ourselves all other areas of our life
work better. I can tell you one thing, my dogs are sure happy I am back on
track. They love the long power walks I take and are now enjoying this on a
daily basis.

thing Tom points out is that most of us have never even gotten close to
achieving our potential. Never a truer statement was made.

those who are considered “truly successful” would like to be able to do or have

know, I am one of them. I have a highly successful business, a relationship of
over 20 years that is great, a wonderful home life and spiritual life, but I
know there is more I am capable of.

about you? What are you capable of?

  • More Money…
  • Better Relationship…
  • Better Health…
  • Greater Physical Presence and
  • More Free Time…
  • A Better Home, Car, Bank
  • Greater ability to Give More

why I am sharing my own experiences. I am compelled to share a book that has already
had a profound impact on my ability to achieve even more, faster and without
the usual confusion about “the next step”

book is called 7 RULES of Achievement. You
may already be familiar with Tom Terwilliger. He’s a former Mr. America, 2 x
Olympia competitor, and the 16 year host of the popular 90s fitness show on Fox
Sports Net ‘Muscle Sport USA.’

has taken all his years of discipline and focus and ability to set and achieve
massive goals and put it all in this amazing book.

reveals what Tom says are the “RULES” you need to stop inadvertently
breaking if you are ever going to achieve the success you seek in your life.

I’m certainly not trying to “convince” you to buy this book … but I would be
selfish if I didn’t at least say…

check it out for yourself… right now, right here:

fact is, since first reading this book I have been telling lots of people about
it. Many of my Facebook friends have likely read my wall posts on both my wall
and Tom’s about the book. I am truly excited about this book. It HAS made a
dramatic change for me.

reason I am writing you is to not only encourage you to get the book but also
when you get the book today, On May 12th Tom is giving away an
absolutely INSANE collection of gifts for F*R*E*E … just for buying his book
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the book itself is worth every penny, and more on its own…  but why not take advantage of some of the
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when Tom saw how much I was sharing about his book, he asked me if I would be
willing to contribute a gift. Absolutely!

like I said – don’t just take my word for it, visit the website and see what
others are saying about him and this book.

– And by
the way Tom’s giving back a portion of the book proceeds to Habitat
for Humanity
… you should be part of this.