Do you ever examine your life? I mean, really examine it? For example, have you evaluated the people you surround yourself with.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” Jim Rohn.

Think about it. How do the people you surround with act, think and behave? Do they live by certain standards? Do they exercise? Are they couch potatoes? How do they eat?

Start by identifying who these people are.  Write their names on a list.

Let’s say you want to get in optimum health. Do the people you surround yourself with encourage healthy living or do they spend their time hanging out in bars, eating foods that contribute to disease, laugh off their lack of exercise and make fun of people who live a healthy life?


Get Honest about Your Goals

As you look at your health goals and objectives, do you surround yourself with people who a great example of what is possible or a warning of what not to do.

I think of my good buddy, Pat Fortin Mussieux (who by the way, she and I are working on some fun stuff to bring to our community around health and fitness specifically for women in their 60’s but women of all ages will benefit).

Pat and I are constantly having discussions on how to improve our health. When we improve our health, we improve our business. The two are directly connected.

Pat and I are accountability partners. As such, we share insights and information on how to improve our health and we encourage each other to go beyond the norm, the average, the status quo.

Push for Excellence

Truth be told, you can skirt by in life, or you can push yourself to be your awesome self. It’s up to you.

What drives me to continue on my health journey is many fold. I love how I feel when I am in the space of self care. I love the energy I have. The focus. The ability to do things I see are not possible for others.

This is not a judgement call. It’s about the fact that in the U.S., Canada, and many parts of Europe, people are becoming sicker by the day. And much of it is based on personal choices in how we spend our time, what we eat, our exercise protocols and whether or not we meditate, hydrate and put a high priority on our health.

The journey to a vibrant life is one that must be filled with self-evaluation and honesty. Honesty in the sense that what you do in private is evident in public.

We can lie to ourselves and pretend we don’t know why our life is not at the level we desire it to be as we down one more donut, candy bar, drink, or portion of fat laden meal that we know is not doing us much good. Or we can take control, one day at a time, and live the life we are deserving of. The life that shows, through example, what is possible.

I love consuming lots of great information on healthy living. Recently, I discovered an incredible series called, iThrive… Rising From the Depths of Diabetes & Obesity.

I encourage everyone to watch the series. Regardless of your health situation, whether your in the best shape of your life, or you’re on the brink of destruction, this series is powerful. CLICK HERE to access.

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