In the 20 plus years I’ve been online, I’ve seen plenty of people come and go when it comes to making real money from their efforts.
I’ve been making money online since 1997. In the early years, it was definitely the wild west online. There were not a lot of “experts” and minimal choices back then compared to what’s available today. The choices we have today on how to make money are plentiful.
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A Few Choices

I’ve created dozens of information products. Everything from 10 page reports I’ve sold for $10 on up to ongoing group training priced in the thousands.
I’ve also sold other experts products as an affiliate.

Where it Began

The first time I made money online, I sold a $15 eReport listed on ClickBank.  I received 45% commission on every sale. My commission was paid by check.
Having been given my first glimpse of what was possible, I crested my first product. A short eBook that I charged $47 for… and I got it.
With my product, not only was I selling it, I had lots of affiliates selling it too. We set the product up on ClickBank to streamline hosting. They had a great reputation and affiliates trusted them.
At that time, I was not well known, but this one campaign, took me from total obscurity to getting some traction on my visibility. The campaign generated over $15,000. I was hooked!

Benefits of Using a 3rd Party Provider

ClickBank handled all transactions and affiliate payments. In return, they took a small fee per transaction.
I was able to add in several bonus gifts to the package that other experts provided. This skyrocketed the value.  The sales page listed the bonus gifts, value and image. This was back in the day people loved lots of bonuses. Everything was a novelty.
Today, it isn’t that easy to create a desirable bundle. You still can, but it has to be very high value and not a bunch of the same old, same old bonuses.
What worked 20 years ago, doesn’t work anywhere near as well as it did back then.
What sold for $47 twenty years ago is different than what sells for that price today. Years ago, you could be much more general in your topic matter than today. Now, niching and specializing is essential.
Since my first experience as an affiliate selling a product, and a product developer who had affiliates sell my product, I’ve been involved in a lot of campaigns. I’ve had occasion to make as much as $15,000 during a campaign selling one expert’s program.
I’ve also had many smaller financial gain, but at the end of the day… never mind at the end of the year… it adds up.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Even though affiliate marketing has been around for many years, there are plenty of people who know nothing about how to start. They don’t know what products to sell, who to trust when it comes to selling their products, what the standard commissions are and other essential details about affiliate marketing.
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