Years ago, a diagnosis of dementia was a rarity. Today, it is becoming something society has grown accustomed to hearing. Not that we like it, by any stretch of the imagination, but we are used to it. One person who is doing what she can to raise awareness about food that can minimize the risks of dementia is Alexi Bracey.




Alexi is a health coach who specializes in preventative measures for optimizing health. She is an educator of nutrition and conducts classes using vegan and raw foods to create easy, healthy every day, and special occasion, meals.

Currently, dementia is in epidemic proportions. Women are three times more prone to being diagnosed with dementia than women.

A huge factor with the increase is agrochemicals. These are chemicals used in agriculture, such as a pesticide or a fertilizer. They are sprayed on our food by farmers.

The worst culprit is glyphosate, which is the active ingredient found in Monsanto’s roundup.

Glyphosate is one of the world’s most common herbicides. It’s the active ingredient in popular weed-control products like Roundup, Rodeo, and Pondmaster. Many farmers use it during food production.

Not only is glyphosate shown to be carcinogenic, it also impairs your digestion, which impairs your sleep. If we don’t get enough sleep, which is when your brain detoxifies, the brain is not focusing properly.

The combination of all that is going on with our food supply is causing inflammation throughout the body.

Inflammation in the brain is dementia. Inflammation in your bones is arthritis. Inflammation in your heart is heart disease.

Dementia is on the increase due to living in a much more toxic environment then we did as recently as 30 years ago.

In addition to agrochemicals, we are constantly in front of our computers which minimizes our movement and exercise.

Dementia can start in our thirties, but it may go undetected for decades. Thus, the reason to start eating healthy, exercising and taking care of brain health as early in life as possible.




Eat organic when possible. Learn to sprout. Sprouting is the natural process by which seeds, or spores germinate and put out shoots.

Sprouting tends to increase nutrient levels in the grain, legume, vegetable, nut or seed being sprouted. Sprouts also contain lower levels of antinutrients, making it easier for your body to absorb all the nutrients they contain.

Another factor in keeping the brain strong is to learn new skills. In the Blue Zones, which boasts the healthiest, longest living inhabitants on the planet, well into their 90s and hundreds, have very active lives. They are also very involved in their communities. They hand down traditions from generation to generation. And they have meaning and purpose in life beyond what’s next on Netflix.

During our conversation, Alexi shared an easy to remember system to keep track of the foods that are essential for us to eat like avocados, walnuts, turmeric, blueberries, mushrooms and more. Watch the full interview to see what she does.


About Alexi Bracey


After overcoming life threatening health challenge by changing her lifestyle, Alexi’s quest for optimum health led to studies in Iridology, Natural Nutrition, Living Ayurveda Food, Detox Diets and Raw Food.

Alexi was the Executive Chef at Grail Springs Wellness Spa (Canada’s only environmental Detox Spa). Alexi successfully introduced the alkaline diet, macrobiotic diet, juicing and a Living Food diet to complement the detox programs to the SPA clients. Clients still rave about the food and were appreciative of the healthy lifestyles inspired through Alexi’s seminars and cooking classes.

 Alexi also holds accreditation in Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Master NLP Trainer and Public Speaking. She has appeared on television and radio programs. In addition she has contributed articles to health magazines.

Alexi can be found on The Whole Health App.