Recently I wrote a blog post entitled, 5 Must-Know Trends of 2015.
One trend I mentioned was the leveling of the playing field for indie authors, singers, artists and creatives willing to put their work out to market.
Barriers to entry for the work of Indies are almost nonexistent.
Shortly after publishing the post I received an email from an irate woman asking me if I’ve been living under a rock due to leaving out one challenge for indies, but definitely not a barrier to entry. To her it was a barrier, to others it isn’t.
The fact is, virtually anyone can create just about anything and have an audience for it. If ever there was a barrier, it’s the gray mass between one’s ears.
josh videoCase in point, one indie video artist/producer has a following of millions. Josh PalerLin gets millions of downloads for his videos.
Recently, there was a controversy over the authenticity of one of Josh’s videos. It had to do with an alleged homeless man Josh gave $100 to in order to see how the homeless man would spend it.
Turns out the guy bought food for other homeless people. Some critics said Josh staged the entire thing.
Regardless of the controversy, or maybe because of it, Josh’s name is all over social media.
The thing is, Josh had an idea and created a video based on the idea. He didn’t wait for permission. He didn’t hold himself back out of fear of criticism, nor did he stop when he did get criticized.
Here’s the deal, the more visible you are, the more you open yourself up to criticism.
With all the opportunity available to Indie’s there’s really nothing stopping anyone from sharing their story and possibly winning the lottery with their message.
Amanda Hocking (@amanda_hocking) is a great example of someone who simply lived her passion. She wrote for the love of writing. A small group of people told another small group of people about Amanda who told another small group of people who told…. you get the idea. Those small groups turned into millions of loyal and raving fans.
Now when Amanda releases a book, it becomes a hit in record time. Is it because she’s lucky or she put her work out there? Maybe a combination of the two.
Recently, Patrick Shannon McGoey did what many Indie authors fail to do. He wrote for the love of writing, figured out how to create a Kindle book and a few days ago released his first Kindle book.kisses and poems image
KISSES and POEMS: with a hug is not at all what one would expect from someone like this author. With a passion for hiking, biking, motorcycles, and other rough and tough sports, the author takes readers on a journey of the heart through his own conscious streaming thoughts.
Putting a price tag of only 99 cents on his book, it’s likely there will be those who download more out of curiosity than anything else. There’s also a darned good chance that those who read the book will tell a small group about it who will tell another small group about it who will tell another small group about it… you get the idea.
How do I know? Because I read the book and I love it. Rarely do I read books in this genre but in that Patrick Shannon McGoey is my brother-in-law, I decided to get the book. Little did I know how fabulous his writing is. ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!
kisses and poemsORDER YOUR COPY NOW!
So you see, by me posting my thoughts on my blog there’s a darned good chance you will hop over and get your own copy. I encourage you to do so. Come on… it’s only 99 cents.
I also encourage you to take a risk. Do what you love as an Indie and do what it takes to get your work in front of those who will love it. I daresay, you might be pleasantly surprised. I know Amanda Hocking, Josh PalerLin and countless others have been.
The best part of all is when you are willing to put it all out there, you get to write your own rules. Rules that allow you to create and create and create and possibly make great money in the process.
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