Recently, I asked a group of authors (and soon to be authors) to submit questions about what they would like to know about becoming an bestseller.
Here are just four of the nearly 100 questions I received.
QUESTION: Why does being an best-seller matter? Underlying question: why should the time spent to become an Amazon bestseller take priority over time spent on other marketing efforts?
Be on the call tomorrow to find out why being an bestseller can make a HUGE difference in what you can do in the future as an author.
QUESTION: Do you recommend pitching to corporations to sell big lots of books?
Depending on the genre of your book would determine the answer to this question. During the call I will give you specifics about this. During my bestseller launch in 2006 I was able to secure an international association to sponsor some of the marketing efforts.
Since that time, I have sold in quantity to some organizations. Be on the call to find out more.
QUESTION: Once you’ve made it onto Amazon, is it necessary to market your book elsewhere?
Marketing is the backbone of any successful book. I will share ideas on how you can keep the momentum going.
QUESTION: What is the most important step to take in becoming an bestseller?
Find out on Thursday, October 29th during the teleseminar. Register at
Be sure to submit your questions and to take the short (two minute) survey.
If you want to learn great ways to market your book, be on the call.