If you’re a raving fan of a particular expert, you tend to buy every book the expert has on the market. You also watch them on YouTube, listen to podcast shows they’re featured on, read their blog, and follow them on social media.
If you’re like me, you do all you can to learn as much as you can from those whose message resonates with you.

You Fans Feel the Same

It’s the same with your raving fans. If they are truly raving fans they will buy all your books and online courses. They’ll also tune into podcast shows you’re featured on as well as check you out on YouTube. They’ll follow you on social media AND they’ll attend your live events and/or livestreams.

Some of My Favorites

I’m a raving fan of people like Cheryl Strayed, Michael Moore, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Tony Robbins, Pam Grout, Michael Beckwith and Lisa Nichols. There’s more, but this gives you an idea of the type of people I enjoy learning from.
Each and every one of these men and women have something in common. At some point, they were complete unknowns. That’s right, before they became a “name” very few people, outside of their family and friends, knew of them.
Today, obviously, this is not the case. Now, each enjoys high visibility with the ability to influence massive numbers of people.
It’s likely their raving fans often buy more than one copy of their books. I know I do.
When I enjoy a book, I have been known to give my copy to someone I’m confident will enjoy it. On more than one occasion, I’ve not yet finished the book. If I want to finish the book, I simply buy another copy.
This is only one way to sell more than one copy of your book to your raving fans; write a really good book that they want to share with others.
There are countless ways to incentivize your fans to invest in more than one book. In some cases, you can set up campaigns for people to buy in bulk. Other times, you offer a nice gift with the purchase.

Abundance Now Strategy

A few days ago, I bought a copy of Abundance Now. This is just one of the many books author, Lisa Nichols, has written.
It’s the third copy I’ve purchased. What I enjoyed about purchasing this copy is the process Lisa (and her crew) had in place. It wasn’t just a matter of “buy my book.” Nope! There was a very strategic process in place.
This is likely one reason she sells as many books as she does; strategy.
A huge part of Lisa’s strategy is to be found all over the Internet. A quick YouTube search brings up plenty of content-filled videos. She’s also been a featured expert on various podcast shows. Add to that her blog and social media content and one is given plenty of ways to enjoy this dynamic woman.
Recently, Lisa had a one-day event in Chicago. Due to a schedule conflict, I was unable to attend.
Shortly after promotions for the live event began, promotions for the livestream started. Although a nice option, again, due to a schedule conflict, I wouldn’t have been able to attend the live viewing.
No problem…the replays from the livestream would be made available shortly after the live event.
With no reason not to buy a ticket, I reserved my spot knowing full well I could listen at my convenience.
On the Thank You page was an offer to buy Abundance Now! If I bought through this page, I would receive three nice bonus gifts that came directly from Lisa Nichols, not a JV partner.
I bought another copy. Not only for the book, but for the bonus gifts. After all, if I’m a raving fan, I want more of Lisa Nichols’ insights.
Again, this is just one of many strategies to sell more than one copy of books to raving fans.

No Excuses

What are you doing to create raving fans eager to buy your books… once, twice, even three times or more?
Are you doing all you can to get your content out to market to build a community of raving fans who want more of your insights and information?
If not, now’s the time to start. No excuses. Excuses are not what your followers want to hear. They want to hear you. Simple as that.
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