What’s my purpose? What’s my calling? Why can’t I be more spiritual in my business?
Have you ever asked yourself these questions?
If you have, you are not alone. For a long time I asked myself these types of questions. The harder I searched for the answer the more elusive it became.
Then it all changed.
Today, I know what it feels like to be on the path; to answer the calling.
When you answer the calling you are able to use your unique talents and passion for a bigger purpose, to reach and help more people.
You ARE meant to do more and be more. It’s time to stop playing small. You owe it to yourself and to your customers and clients to play BIG!
If you’re not sure how to do this, read on. My friend and colleague, Melanie Benson Strick, is hosting a virtual series called Answering the Call Today.
Melanie, America’s Leading Authority on Optimum Performance and a Big Idea Catalyst has handpicked twelve conscious entrepreneurs who will show you how to tap into your calling.
This is a unique tele-summit…
Melanie has gone beyond the traditional “tell me how to make money” and has asked each guest to share how they help people navigate through the evolution of who they are – and make good money and a big impact on the world in the process.
Join me now as my free guest: Click here to access.
Here’s a quick snapshot of who is in the summit:
** Marcia Wieder, Founder of Dream University covering “A Dream for Your Soul”
** Barbara Stanny, author of Overcoming Under Earning, on “Sacred Success – The Journey to Affluence”
** Adam Urbanski, The Marketing Mentor on the “Overnight Guru Formula”
** Cynthia Kersey, best-selling author of Unstoppable on “Becoming an Unstoppable Force for Good”
** Robin Fisher Roffer of Big Fish Marketing on “How to Reinvent Yourself in 30 Days
Grab your free seat now.
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** Liora Mendeloff, founder of the Women Speakers Association on “Being At The Forefront Of Creating A New Paradigm”
** Elyse Hope Killoran, founder of The Prosperity Game on “How to Unplug from the Old Paradigm Thinking to Access the New Game of Wealth”
** Drew Gerber, co-founder of PitchRate on “Passions into Profits: The Key to Writing The Book That Puts YOU on The Map”
** Lissa Boeles, the Soul-Mapper on “Way-Seeing For New Business Leadership”
** Arielle Ford, best-selling author of SoulMates on “Answering the Call to YOUR Soul Mate”
** Wendy Yellen, The Tsunami Maker on “How to Get Off Your Back and Out of Your Own Way….Now!!
** and the host of the series, Melanie Benson Strick, on “Thriving in The New Era: How to Create Ultimate Entrepreneurial Success On Your Terms”
What’s being revealed is not just fluff or teasers – this is powerful, life-changing information that will help you profitably, and enthusiastically, bring your calling to the world – without wasted time, money and energy.
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Grab your free seat today – especially since it starts on Tuesday, February 7th!
“See you” there…
P.S.  If you are concerned that you’ll miss one of the calls or know that you don’t have time to sit through all the expert’s sessions right now, then rest assured once you enroll Melanie has promised she’ll show you how to get access to the recordings.
P.P.S. I also just learned that 5% of any sales generated will be going to the Unstoppable Foundation to help sponsor a village of clean water and education for children in Africa. How cool is that!!!