When I first began a plant-based diet, to reduce painful inflammation, little did I know where I was headed in the world of plant based eating and veganism. Fast forward two years and I’m more obsessed than ever to learn as much as possible in order to do the life’s work I’m being called to do.

It seems more every day, I’m finding my path open wide. The path of raising awareness about the plant based, vegan lifestyle and all that comes with this.

Early on in my shift to a plant based diet, I would spend hours reading, watching videos, listening to podcast shows and reading blogs in order to consume as much information as possible.

I was so hungry for information, I decided to take things to the next level. This allowed me to receive my certificate of completion for Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell University early in 2020.

Recently, I was invited to be a founding member for the Vegan Women’s Leadership Network. The brainchild of Katrina Fox, VWLN is a global, ethical, leadership community for vegan, plant-based, plant-powered women.

When Katrina invited me to facilitate a training on a subject I’m equally committed to, I said YES! without hesitation.

To say I’m committed to educating people about the health benefits of a plant based diet is an understatement. Combine that with teaching them how to use podcast shows to get their message out and all I can say is, “Watch out world!”

In addition to what I’ve already mentioned, I’ve been consistently writing for The Plant Based Eating for Health blog, the Plant Based Eating for Health podcast show, created and nurtured a highly popular Plant Based Eating for Health Facebook group and I often write articles about plant based eating to submit to article directories and social media platforms like LinkedIn.


Horrors of Factory Farming


Equally important is getting word out about the horrors of factory farming, the lies we are being told about what’s really causing our health to crumble right before our very eyes and how we can literally minimize our risks for complications with COVID-19 by eating a plant based diet completely void of animal and dairy products.

One way I do this is by appearing on plant based and vegan podcast shows to spread my message.


Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of appearing on One More Thing Before You Go with host, Michael Herst and The Jazzy Vegetarian with host Laura Theodore.

Both are amazing hosts and should either of them invite me back, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Laura is not only a fabulous host, she’s an amazing guest. In her recent visit to my show, Laura wowed the listeners and viewers with her jazzy style.

Listen In


To enjoy One Last Thing Before You Go and The Jazzy Vegetarian episodes, simply click the images below.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s this; when you’re passionate and committed to getting the word out about a cause, there’s ample opportunity to do so.

The fact is, now more than ever, there is so much opportunity to raise awareness about a plant based lifestyle. Anything I can do to be part of the movement, I’m in. As long as it’s aligned with my values of health, compassion to animals, and kindness to the earth, let’s rumble.

If you have a show you’d like me to appear on, visit my Media Page for more information about my topics. CLICK HERE