Have you ever considered using podcast shows to grow your market reach, visibility and revenues? In my experience, it’s a rock solid way to do all three.
In a recent conversation, the person I was speaking to was dead set against podcast interviews.
“I did a few and didn’t sell anything as a result,” he stood firm when I said he would benefit from podcast interviews.
“A “few: interviews are not going to get you much traction if that’s all you do… the interview. You need to be consistent with what you’re doing. Two a week, even two a day, now that’s what you might want to consider. Besides, you never know when someone of influence will hear you and reach out to get you on their show,” I encouraged.  “In addition to being on the show, there are ways to increase listenership.”
“No. I want to do traditional talk radio,” he continued.
I shouldn’t have been too surprised considering his age. A very successful man in his eighties, he was convinced traditional A.M. radio is the only way to go.
“Besides, I want to get on CNN,” he announced.
“Well then. You’ll likely need to contract someone who knows how to do this. A company or individual who has a proven track record. But before you jump into that, consider the cost of hiring someone to secure these opportunities. And, determine your purpose for getting on CNN.” I dug deeper.
“I want to get in front of millions of people,” he stood his ground.
Granted, traditional radio, CNN, Fox News and other avenues can work, but there is a cost that goes with this.

I Want to Be on Oprah!

This is the same conversation many people had about appearing on Oprah. They were convinced if they got on Oprah, life would change forever. Did it? For some, absolutely. For others, not so much.
If anything, there were some who actually had an appearance backfire.
You see, before you got on super big shows, know your why. It has to be more than simply being seen by millions of people. A few considerations are:

  • What is your purpose?
  • What is your message?
  • Is your website visitor ready? (in other words, is there a way for people to get on your subscriber list)
  • Do you have a back end plan?
  • Do you have a book on Amazon?
  • And what comes next?

The thought of many people is to hit one home run and they will be set for life. Not so. You are better off having a consistent plan of action for your content marketing that keeps your name fresh in front of your market.
You should actually answer all the above questions regardless of the media outlets you seek; traditional radio, television, podcast shows, YouTube television shows, etc. You have to know why you’re investing time and money as well as what happens after the fact.

Podcast Shows Are Powerful

One of the best ways to get lots of traction, with minimal investment, is with podcast appearances. You see, appearing on a podcast can have considerable reach and traction.
Securing interviews is actually pretty easy to do… when you know what you are doing. This is why I put a Podcast Interview Checklist together and am providing it FREE to anyone who wants it.
When you know the type of shows you are a good fit for, you simply reach out to the host to inquire about being a featured expert. Or do you? Get my checklist to find out.
The greatest benefit of being on a podcast show is the exposure to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, even more listeners.
You’re also viewed as an influencer. Add to this being a published author, and often listeners will go right to Amazon to buy your book… while they are listening to you.

Gain More Traction

Once the show airs, you can do a great deal of back-end marketing including sending the permalink to the show to your subscribers, tweeting about the show, posting on your Facebook wall and groups, announcing on LinkedIn, putting an image up on Instagram, and posting on Pinterest to name just a few back-end marketing ideas.
Going deeper, you can post the interview on your YouTube channel as well as write a blog post that has information you included in the interview.
For example, let’s say you’re a relationship expert.
You appear on a podcast show. From there, you write a short blog post about one aspect of the topic you spoke of on the podcast show. Then you add in, “To Learn More about Intimacy in Relationships” listen to my full interview on Building Strong Relationships Podcast. Add in the permalink and you are good to go.

Be Strategic

Regardless of the route you go, you absolutely must be strategic. To save time, effort and headaches, get my FREE checklist for the steps needed to fully optimize your efforts.  Click here to access.