In these
uncertain times it’s essential to have a systematic approach to how you run your
business. This includes how you market your business. Those who have systems in
place are likely to stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, they are positioning
themselves for the upturn of the economy.

than sitting around talking about how bad things are, why not use the time to
research, develop, plan and market.

 While some
people are immobilized by what is occurring with the economy, others are taking
stock of where their business has been, where it currently is and what the
potential for the future is. Which best describes you; immobilized or energized?

Why not
use this time to evaluate where you can streamline and those areas you need to
beef up? What products and services do you need to discontinue and which ones
do you need to develop and repurpose?

area you may need to pay very close attention to is how you are spending your
time. If you’re constantly reading, listening or watching how bad things are
you need to change your focus. Simple as that.

yourself the following questions…

  • If you did an honest evaluation could you say you are doing
    all you can to keep your business running smoothly?
  • Are you doing all you can to create incredible value for your
  • Have you created multiple streams to generate revenue?
  • Are you clear on what your market does and does not want and
  • Are you keeping up on your training and knowledge base?
  • Are you surrounding yourself with people and situations that
    can keep you in a positive state of mind?

If you
answer NO to any of these questions now is a great time to create and implement
a daily practice designed to turn every answer into a yes.

Why is it
that some people are continuing to generate great revenues at the same time
others are experiencing just the opposite?

Could it
be that rather than being immobilized they are getting energized?

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