Human nature is such that a great many people would rather try and “fix” a problem after the fact rather than prevent or minimize the risk of the problem from the start. Many people would rather take a pill, get a shot or have surgery rather than make simple changes that give them a much higher quality of life.

Take the current situation with COVID-19. People around the globe are doing all they can to avoid getting the virus such as wearing masks, social distancing, staying indoors for extended periods of time, etc., but when they are presented with information showing a direct link between what they consume and an increase in complication risk factors, this is where they refuse to listen.

There is no doubt that risk of complications increases based on several preventable health issues such as high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, heart disease and being overweight and obese.

There is a direct link to our lifestyle choices the very conditions that increase our risk factors. The conditions that are reversible, even preventable.

The constant blasting by the media presenting information about the causes of COVID-19 is very misleading. Rather than get to the core of what causes complications with COVID-19, most of what is being spread around is the same information over and over. All designed to keep us confused, fearful and in a panic.


Even More About Obesity and COVID-19


Proof of The Cause


Yet, even when presented with proof of what puts one at a high risk, when asked to do the one thing that will minimize their risk … go plant based… they look at you like you are speaking a foreign language.

Experts like Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Pam Popper, and Ashley James, among countless others, are speaking out about the power of a plant-based diet to minimize risk of complications should you contract the virus.

All share proven information that a plant-based diet does strengthen the immune system. I am committed to featuring lots of experts on my show to continue to raise awareness about the connection between what we eat (and don’t eat) and our risk factors.


Get to the Root of the Problem


Sadly, rather than get to the root of the problem and prevent the problem, much of what the general public, big pharma, the medical industry, and fear mongers are doing is putting a band-aide on the wound rather than getting to the root cause of preventing much of the problem in the first place; lifestyle choices to be as healthy as possible.

Obviously, big pharma does NOT want us to prevent the problems we have grown to accept as normal. The very diseases that are caused by what we eat, lack of exercise, and overall lifestyle choices.

If we did, it would impact their bottom-line. God forbid this should happen and we become truly healthy.


Fast Food Genocide


When you look at what people eat (SAD), their lack of exercise, drinking to excess, turning their lives over to the “white coat’ powers that be who know nothing about nutrition, the addiction to fast foods, and behaviors that do not support a healthy lifestyle, is it any wonder we are where we’re at?

Dr. Joe Fuhrman created a phenomenal case about the connection between fast foods and disease in his book, Fast Food Genocide. A must read for anyone who wants to learn the truth about junk food that is literally killing consumers with every bite.

Each day is a day to take control of our health. Can we guarantee 100% we won’t get the virus? No. Not at all. Can we guarantee if we get the virus, we won’t experience complications? No. Yet, we can reduce our risk of complications.

To believe otherwise, is the belief that is keeping people unhealthy and sick.

What are you doing to minimize your risk while increasing your health factors?