“There’s no opportunity!”
“I just don’t know where to find places to post my articles!”
“How do I find blogging opportunities?”
“The marketplace is too crowded. I give up!”
All of these and more are statements and questions I’ve heard from others when I suggest to an expert they find opportunities to post their content online.
Many like the idea, but give up without much effort at all.
“I posted an article, and nothing happened!” one woman told me with great frustration in her voice.
“One per day?” I asked.
“No! One article,” she snapped.
Well! That’s the problem. One article is hardly going to get you noticed. To get the best traction from content marketing, you have to consistently post lots of great content out to market in a number of places.

Answer Me This

Are you viewed as an expert? Do you post content in various locations online? Are you consistent? If not, you are missing opportunity. Simple as that.
And if you say, “Where do I post it?” I would have to ask, “Have you been paying attention to where you get your information from?”
Chances are you have a few favorite blogs, podcast shows, groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts you follow. Have you considered modeling what others are doing? You may not be able to post in every location you want to, but if you have your own blog, that’s a great place to start… and continue.

The Great Pick Up

If you voice your opinion and perspective and are willing to put content out for others to read, see or hear, you will get “picked up” by those who seek good content.
I’ve been a content distributor/marketer for years…over 25 to be exact. I’ve posted articles on directories, on social media, on my own blog, on blogs that invite experts to write posts for them, and on podcast shows.
As a result, I have the pleasure of seeing my content show up all over the place. Just today, I saw my name tweeted and wondered what the heck it was about.
It was for a mention here http://elizabethspanncraig.com/…/twitterific-writing-links…/ under
Promo / Social Media Tips 3 Ways Authors Can Gain Visibility Using Twitter:
The full article mentioned is at www.writenonfictionnow.com/3-ways-authors-gain-visibility-using-twitter/, Nina Amir’s blog.
Nina Amir is a leading authority in the book marketing space. She invites other experts to write for her blog. Whenever she asks, I say yes.
Why? Because I know people read her blog and she is considered a credible resource.
One article, two very widely read locations.
The reason I mention this is not to brag (Okay… maybe a little bit.  ) but to show you the power you can have with your writing.
Not a day goes by, I don’t post something that can be re-purposed by others.
I often have people tell me how lucky I am to get so many opportunities.
Luck has very little to do with it. Consistency does.
As I was writing this post, I went back to Twitter to get the link for the previously mentioned post. Low and behold, another article of mine was being tweeted about.

Yeah!!!! I’m so lucky. Seriously, it again supports the position that content marketing works.

The Pendulum Swing

Today I had a conversation with a woman who hired me about a year ago to help her with her marketing. She has been doing a lot of content marketing lately. She told me as a result, she has had an amazing first quarter.
“But I’ve been so busy with all the new business, I’m not continuing my content efforts. I see your content everywhere Kathleen. You are always posting something. How do you get so much writing done?” she asked.
It’s simple…I make content marketing a priority. Rather than mess around mindlessly on social media, I schedule time each day to write, post and comment.
My recommendation to anyone who is struggling with content marketing is create a short checklist. Use this every day for 30 days. This will get you in the habit of writing.
Here’s an example of what you can do.

  1. Write a 400- 500 word blog post
  2. Post on your blog
  3. Add images
  4. Post the permalink on various locations such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

It Works with Video

Maybe you prefer shooting video. The same process can work for video marketing. It’s all about the content.
In a matter of 30 – 60 minutes you’re done. Do this every day and watch the magic (and luck) happen.
Keep in mind, to get traction, what you write (or shoot) has to create value for the reader or viewer. Avoid just throwing something together. Put thought into what your long-term goal with content marketing is. Based on your goal, get moving.
Be sure to share your “best practices” for content marketing in the comments box. Would love to hear what’s working for you. And… if you have questions, feel free to ask what you can do to get more traction.